pozzible upncummah:


dizzapointing timing in da 10/4, but sum WIKID pricketz n a rezpecable ROCKSON2 finish.

senzibly dizcuzz 8)

hahahahahaha, da clit raped her

sum random thoughts

she also haz sum good pieces on her rep 8)

hahaha she spelled ‘realised’ correctly. Respec

hahah, i didnt realzie dat

real eyes

chickz can’t ripp da 88

just listen 2 da moist furious endin evah (10/4) lyk wtf…

shez gud


Zepp fell in love o wantz 2 bone a pretty chick 8)
Look at da pics on da site. Da last1 --wid my love BILL.
Da Rockson iz az dissappointing az da 10/4. Listen 2 da HO from 1968 to haff a sense hoff da piece.

in fact, diz iz quite a common occurance. n pluz, u iz too harsh on diz biatch. ad rockson2 iz FO SHOR RESPECABLE. u haff to conzidah da HO SOUND who u uze da HO az a standard. diz iz unfair sheeyat 8)

A very respec-able FAT POLO too, tho with a slow overall timing.

n check da PRICKET 2/3. soundz lyk WIKID sheeeyat :dong:

Haha, tru, but the live GENIE rec sounds much more gensui. RABBIT has insane tech, nonetheless. :doc:

good pieces

catchy layout too, hah…