Da Rach once said that 99% percent of the work on a song is finding

the most rational fingering, according to a comment to a post on FB by Alexei Volodin.

My penizst mofos, iz diz tru?

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For etudes, yes. For less technical works, no.

Hmmm I find that in the works of Chopin, Scriabin, and Brahms, there aren’t that many fingering choices to begin with.

In Liszt, you have a variety of valid options, including hand distributions.

The bulk of the work is actually just getting the mofo from zero, to memorized and in tempo.

Then you hit a wall and need to fight like hell to refine the playing. And that’s when you do da tru artistic work. And yes, you try out different fingerings etc at that stage first.

Really polishing each detail and making the piece your own, and comfortable, is a process that can take years.


This was in relation to Krystian Zimerman saying he had 4 fingerings for every piece and decided which he’d use depending on the acoustic environment.

I recall a rando interview where da Kat say he start wtih fingering above all else too. Something along the lines of its a foundation that needs to be set before you build on it.

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great musicians often bullshit people :sunglasses:


Though to be fair he was prob talking about page turners at the time


Indeed. Nobody is going to reveal their actual secret:

Participating in a demonic orgy, selling deir soul to Da devil n getting sum tru success


My guess is Rach actually died during the 1918 flu and was replaced by an alien.

Note the slender and emaciated figure with long digits. Most curious of all the abundance of poorly fitting eye lids disguising curiously large eyes. A dead give away for a gray.

Hmmm good point.

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A legit topic for research.

You’ll have to make it more specific to meet current academic standard

“Rachmaninoff: a gender-neutral alien? An in-depth transvestigation”

I don’t know if Rach specifically mention his gender much. Think default there non binary to be safe.


Good point.

He didn’t even think about his gender. How dare we assume it for him!


da LIB juz need 1

Finga :sunglasses:

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There is a vid of Pogo doing some Scarlatti and he uses different fingerings for da repeat

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da ZEPP uzez different HANDZ fo da repeat :sunglasses: :zepp:

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It’s best to self-identify as a different gender during repeats


Da :wim: playz lyk a oldah mofo in da repeat :sunglasses:

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