Da RICHTER :rectum: n GAVRILOV :gav: gensui collab

diz inzanely LEGENDARY combo…dey collabd to both record a handful ov da HANDEL zuitez each

But didn zay which wuz which :rectum: :gav::sunglasses:

Diz inzanely gensui zheeyat zumhow randomly neva dizcuzzd on diz forum zo now myt be da tym to do zo :sunglasses:


hahaha tiz not da RECTUM’z fault dat back den he wuz unable to forzee wut da wordz:

‘u zound juz lyk da GAV’

cud do to hiz legacy :sunglasses:


I iz waitin fo da :doc: n da :whale: collab to rec da zart zonz :sunglasses:


Looks like the 2 min YT clip presumably came from Enigma. Years ago I picked up a LD in Tokyo of SR/AG Handel—at least an hour long as I recall. At this point, I don’t remember LD specifics but I remember making a DVD of it so should be able to post it sometime, if there’s interest. (Unfortunately, may be some months before I get to this in that my physical collection is in storage pending a residence move.)

In addition, I did make rips of the 2 CD’s issued by EMI of the suites, which I do have available at this time. As to who did what:

SR–Suites 2,3,5,8,9,12,14,16

AG–1,4,6,7,10,11,13, 15

(Worth noting that the video only includes a few of the suites, not the entire set.)

PS—as to “which wuz which”—I’m pretty sure Richter was the one on the right………


Richter should have grown a Gavrilov pornstache for these performances