Da ROCK Haters!!!!!!

Quoated from Scarbo87 in da pianoforum.net

“The piano reperitoire is vast and there is no time to waste on Rachmaninoff”
-Alfred Brendel

“I don’t know why you guys had me do Rachmaninoff, you could have choosen something DECENT!”
-Andrie Gavrilov

“It’s Okay…It’s not at all the greatest music ever written
and lacks depth”
-Janina Fialkowska

“The Rachmaninoff 3rd concerto is no where near the artistic heights of the Beethoven 4th”
-Horacio Guttierez

I am suprised dat da Gav : Who is highly praised on his SD-tissimo performance on the Moment Musical 4 is a Rach hater.

hahahaha, dis is just anotha example of da gav’s comedic genius

and indeed ive seen dat thread

rach owns

nuff said

Dis woman iz in fact da foundah of da canadian “PIANO SIX” gang, and a FUCKIN’ TRU MOFO herself. Judging from da samples on towers, she iz a strong record contendah fo da TE#12, Tarantella from da Virgin nipples, mov2 of da op58 chop sonata, amongest otha things. 8)

i haff her pad concerto

good tech, but not da most wikid

she saves her FURY fo proven SD classics. 8)

haha possibly

but da pad is actually fuckin WIKID, wit moments of FURY

I don’t think he is a hater
in russia it’s quite “normal” to make fun of da Rach from time to time, dat started wit da ProkoMofo who kept saying sheeyat on da Rach 8)

da bend over must be on drugs



hahaha, tru dat

Rachmaninov is some of my favorite. It’s all a matter of taste.

Alkan didn’t like Rubinstein’s music although Rubinstein loved Alkan’s. Tchaikovsky disliked the music of Brahms and vice-versa. Wagner hated Meyerbeer’s music, and possibly Meyerbeer himself. Mendelssohn didn’t like Berlioz’s work. Brahms was overrcritical of Rott.

There are tons of these associations.

hahaha, da ROTT went insane

yo jake - bring dat mark starr mofo to dis forum, he is obviously obsessed wit speed too 8)

and da KAN was a fickle mofo, i cant blame him fo not likin da ugnly mofo ruby.

but da ruby liked da KAN naturally - because he had fuckin FURY.