Da ROCK tarantula (zuite #2 finale)

tru diz uttahly legendary zong

randomly introducin a zl*wah den average ZEMI-RUDY+random unknow mofo interp :sunglasses:

tru which 2 mofoz wud make a potentially gensui collab in diz zong? :sunglasses:

hahahahahahaha :medal:

i think tha LUGY n RUDY both did thiz but i haffnt heard it

hahaha if it twer pozzibl i feel that a HO-VOL perf wud zhorly be tha ultimat interp fo thiz zong

Demidenko/Alexeev on Hyperion is all I need in this suite.

But as for imaginary could have beens Richter/Gilels, and of course Ho/Rach.

Hahah da KAT haf recd a ZOLO TRANZ

O rly? :wink:

You have the CD?

Haha no but it’s on Spotify

Arranger: Vladimir Leyetchkiss
Composer: Sergei Rachmaninoff
Music Publisher: D.R

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Ahahahah da ZEMI RUDY iz a MART coinage randomly :sunglasses:

Tru da hypothedickal VOL-HO duo may be defeated by


Ahahahahaha truuu diz zolo tranz, randomly rewritin zum key material at da climax

Apart from dat tiz zemi wikid :sunglasses:

I expected a zepp solo-only trans rape!

ahahahah da zepp zolo tranz cummah in 3 yrz pozz :sunglasses:

in da mean tym i vil learn da 2nd 88 part to prepare fo a potential fucha SDC meet-n-unleazh :sunglasses:

An SDC meet-up wood be epic.

Let’s go balls out and rent da Carnigga! :sunglasses:



ok zo obviouzly we go fo da MOFO ZTERN auditorium

The base cost of renting out Stern on a Friday or Saturday night during the 2012-13 season is $16,810

diz a legit $$$ target fo da official SDC GOFUNDME campaign :sunglasses:

n aftah u achieve da target

we vil hold da event…

at da WILLY rectal hall:

a Saturday afternoon at Weill can be had for $2,025

n keep da profit :sunglasses:

Hahaha keep in mind dat da TM weimar hedgefund is still accepting donations fo da next 30 years :sunglasses:


cuntzidah raizin da target to $200,000 to covah STERN AUDITORIUM rental + Berlin phil harm air faire n appearance fee tru :sunglasses:

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Plus flying in da Ho 88 of course. :sunglasses:

Or we can go low-budget n fly in da Ziff custom Yamaha grand.

Or da zepp 88. Dat might actually handle da raw rape! :sunglasses:

tru da zepp 88 iz da only one wiz a proven record to wizztand ANY LEVEL OF RAPE :sunglasses:

wonder if big draw pianists allow tribute bands / impersonations

Like in Vegas you see the misleading ads that are just a drag act or something.

Have the lib come in and play “in style of” like he’d planned years back and small print that shit. Highly novel and contraversial. Easy cash!!

ahahahah tiz a bit rizky to imperzonate LIVIN MOFOZ, but we can fo zhor haff

“ZIFF in carniggah”

den in zmall print:

az interpreted by da LIB :sunglasses:

but da queztion iz, how much do we pay da LIB? :sunglasses:

Probably in blood. Dude ages like a vampire.