Da 'rona second wave 🦠

will zeazon 2 be betta den da firzt ?

paris : da nu random curfew cummah at 9pm

zo everyone haz to get drunk befo

da concertz are now at 6:30pm haha diz logic :rectum:

how duz ur place perform ?

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I think we’ll lose a couple 100k more people in the US sadly.

Second wave doesn’t truly exist, it is a continuation of the first. We’re on about the ninth wave of hysteria however.

There is a echo effect from reopening society up and having obtained very low community immunity during the first seven months (which have been completely wasted, if a lockdown was necessary in the first place, we shouldn’t need another one). We’re about to find out that I was wrong to say lockdown was a placebo, it was in fact worse than a placebo. EU+USA are now in a worse position than Sweden, who will have no further problems (unless it transpires that immunity somehow wears off). Sweden by keeping things going have managed to get sufficient immunity that the disease can’t really get a foothold to transmit. Lockdown suspended transmission rather than stopping it. There will now be a continuation of the first wave, but it won’t be nearly as bad as spring, which, here at least, was beginning to recede even as lockdown began.

Our politicians are complete fucktards and incapable of seeing anything which is counterintuitive because in 64 terms they can only see one move deep.

10pm pub plus restaurant curfews in England, except for pubs in some areas which can only open if they are serving meals, some pubs closed altogether in Scotland, 6pm closing in others, random rules about who is allowed in your house, just useless politicians making up arbitrary edicts to make it look like they’re doing something when in fact they’ve no clue what they’re doing. I have no intention of obeying anything I’m told to do. I don’t suffer fools gladly and a lot of people are getting similarly pissed off.



2nd :ocean: :microbe: :hatto:

(where’s da hattah emoji gone?)

Colfax: “hahahha lotta gunz around here”

Seriously tho…hopefully it fucking rains here soon. I’m way more worried about fires than zum chyna virus.

I nevah even saw a Chinese light a fire randomly



hahaha da feztin’z bazement speakeazy cummah ? :sunglasses:



wut iz da MACRON doin wiz diz curfew BZ

hiz top priority rite now zhud be to join da BRI n get zum

nu zchool infrastrucha fo da MARTland :man_with_turban: :sunglasses:

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Haha I watch da cuntent ov diz tube channel:


zum wikid intahviewz includin diz legend -

my perzonal view iz mo pro-lockdown den da FEZTIN

Much ov it iz down to faith in zcience

If we iz juz poztpozinin da inevitable wave ov it cummin thro da cuntry and ruinin jobz and livez in da procezz I wud agree

but IF dere iz a miracle cure n vaccine imminent and we are working to zave many many livez wiz current meazurez den I agree

tiz juz inzanely poetic dat in da year TWENTY TWENTY - hindzight iz da moz valuable zheeyat we cud all uze

I love da Zwedizh mofo zayin - call me in 2021 n c we iz all roughly even death ratez

Hope he iz right in zum wayz…even if I do envy da zuccezz ov da New Zealand lockdown

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Haha I’ve openly told all my fb friends they’re welcome round for drinks any time they want.

Pozz I shud do a DRUNK LIVE IMPRO ZTREAM :zif:

I alzo dezcribed da ZTURGEON az a “tranny cunt” :tm: n got a 24 hour pozting ban :joy::eggplant:


Da MACRO juzt afraid Mrz MACRO die of :microbe: due to him being a fucking gerontophiliac pervert in da firzt place.

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Haha do u advocate antibody tezting for whole population to azzezz tru infection ratez?

da tru danger iz related to how many ov uz haf already had it unknowingly

if da numba turnz out to be pretty huge den tru i agree wiz givin up on all reztrictionz

You could just do sample testing in London and extrapolate (though the antibody level will probably be a bit higher there). I think it’s the case though that plenty people are naturally immune anyway even without having had it, due to medical reasons I’m not qualified to explain.

But we’re run by idiotz who spent the lockdown period not putting da infraztructchah in place and only achieving wut dey really care about ie outzourcing sheeyatz to deir incumpetent croniez. Fucking Bojo n da


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And the Chinese government is smugly saying dat dey got all deir stuff under control and everything is reopening.

Da :hui: always tell moi how much better China is.
Riiiiight. It must be nice when the government has full authority over you and there is no legal system of any sort (aside from bribery of commie officials) if you land in deep shit fo posting a pic of the Poo Bear.

I’ll say it again, fuck that shit. Sure, the US has been declining steadily since 2001, but don’t come to this fuckin country to spend daddy’s government corruption money and then smugly say how much better China is.

Having an army of free laborers surely does wonders, the elites have built entire cities up for themselves over there. That shit is a deadly fusion of capitalism and communism.

ahahahah but look on da bright zide

at leazt zhe won’t randomly cut yo head off fo readin da EPOCH TYMZ :sunglasses:

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Woh… @festinfurious check this out. Think its pretty good news.

I’ll def be out visiting the kissing booths and sex clubs after I’m sure I can get my hands on this if needed.

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This is also good news and was something I considered posting earlier but didn’t have the link saved.

dude yeah… with good theraputics can go full herd without all the death stuff even without vaccine.

Yeah, but something tells me my idiot government doesn’t want to do anything which tacitly admits they didn’t get it right to begin with… so they’ll keep locking down as a gesture rather than facing reality.

They will however ignore the collateral damage: there have been at least four suicides on railway lines in Scotland this week and in a nation this small that’s a mighty coincidence, then you have people who are dying because their cancer treatments have been delayed. There is a backlog of serious problems building up because the government has abandoned addressing anything but :microbe:

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I’m also worried about that. People here so locked into positions afraid they’ll continue on a path when the facts on the ground change like with regneron avialble - tots changing negative impact equation of a wider spread and fewer restrictions.

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