Da russian TONE

how to obtain da ruzzian tone ?

i can only characterize tiz as richness in da chordz (esp bass), a resonance in treble and ringing melodic line

demonztrated a bit here: YouTube

does it involve using fleshy part of da fingah, uzing da weight of da arms or juz … being born a ruski

discuzz or pozz not 8)

It’z about da EAR n uzin dat to balance tonez ezpecially makin da BOTTOM note rezonate n da top note ZING , n makin zhor da middle notez are not az loud az da moz important onez

Or pozz I iz talkin a load ov zheeyat :whale:

ruzzian tone to moi iz da

GAV n MENACE tone :sunglasses:

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Tiz about da propah attack AND arm weight

Plus balance n having a thick hairy delicious Russian :dong:

Personally, I don’t think the tone demonstrated in that video is anything worth striving for.

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juz what i was watching at da tym
but fo sure dere r better examples of da russian tone

Like diz

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I don’t really like that tone much either. I’m not exactly sure what ‘Russian’ tone means. Are Gilels and Richter both Russian tone? What about Horowitz? They sound nothing alike.

Randomly, do you perform much these days?

I think “Russian tone” is a bit of a myth, as tone production depends on many factors, not only or not mainly on nationality. Kissin’s, Sokolov’s, Pletnev’s, Volodos’s, Gilels’s, Medtner’s tone are/were all quite individual and distinct despite all of them being Russian.

I associate it with the large, warm and unforced sound of Richter, Gilels, Sokolov, Petrov, Grinberg etc.

And the answer is WEIGHT.


4 Golden examples of the Russian school of pianism.

The Moscow Conservatory must have daily buffets. :whale:


Yep. The secret is vast amounts of pirogs!

minimal prax nowdays
but once a year or zo i perform for da med school
pieces lyk mephisto, la camp - warhoses to imprezz da docs


The good thing about piano is that is that once you’ve played at a really high level, you never really lose it, even with minimal practice. I still remember your FF from when you were 16 or 17, that was super impressive.

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AHAHAHAHA i didn even c da fuckin TONY az da topic ztartah

REZPEC :sunglasses:



not tru at all


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I think what Brew means is the capacity, not your actual status. I practiced lots in my teens, hardly at all the last 10 years. But it’s not any more difficult for me to learn a really difficult work today than it was when I was 19, and really difficult works I have once played come back relatively quickly if I begin to work on them again. But you have to practice and put in the hours, then as now.

ahahahaha TRU da 88 playin ability iz not zum zheeyat u juz magikally RETAIN once u iz at a high level

becuz tiz a zkill dat iz executed wiz rezpec to TYM.

zkillz dat haff zero to weak TYM correlation, lyk paintin or cookin or origami :sunglasses: tru u can learn once n nevah forget. zince u can ZTOP n think about wtf it iz u iz tryin to remembah n da final rezult iz independant of da TYM taken to achieve it :sunglasses:

zo diz iz y

when i read da ZIFF bio

da part where he iz in da army n haff not touched an 88 fo a few yrz

n iz den zuddenly zummoned to unleazh at a nazi officah party wiz 1 day to prep on a random uprite

in ma head i objectively imagine diz UNLEAZH to be a

COMME facerape impro-parazheeyat level zheeyat :comme: :sunglasses:

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What I meant is that once you’ve really worked out your technique, the ability to play comes back quickly. You won’t need to practise 5-6 hour a day for months to play like you did before. After a certain point, more practise usually just means you get through more rep anyway. So I would absolutely believe that da ZIFF could be unleashing difficult rep with only a few hours practice, provided it’s rep that he played before and he’s otherwise physically healthy (I believe he chose HR6 after being in a labour camp, this is pretty incredible but it is da ZIFF after all).