da saint saens - a tru NIGGAH!!


da fuckin PCs, da ontro and rondo cap, and da legendary bacchanale from da samson and delilah



if i am not mistaken, he wasnt black

why do you use such offensive language?

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who the fuck is u

im studying in the d’indy music faction, i am a gifted pianist…at least i like to think so

and yes…i have a vagina too

a deadly combination 8)

hahahahaha, DAYUMM

that’s pretty close to mah school.

hahahaha, iz u gonna hook up? 8)

i dunno

she seems like a nice bitch

hahahaha, she iz 8)

Not sure if da Libetta played one of his etudes in da DVD. I think it’s no.6. That is a cool piece to wow the audience.

hahaha YEP

da etude in da form of a waltz

wikid sheeyat

looks dayum hard to play at da Lib’s speed.

it fuckin IZ , especially da lh 6ths - ouch 8)

hahaha, randomly da camel showz hiz tru girth in dis piece

Da organ concerto just shows how fuckin’ flamin’ gay Saint-Saens fuckin’ was :smiling_imp:.

hahaha, waznt it a symph? 8)

Have to agree on Cortot, his rec is phenomenal.

yep, sorry 'bout dat.