da schubert impromptu 90-3 difficulty tru

How hard is this piece in general? I have picked it to learn over the summer with muh teacher’s approval, tru, but I just read trhough it and the right hand gets a bit uncomfortable and extremely tired after a while…maybe it’s because I havent actually started work on it so I am not used to it?

Th other pieces I am learning are Bach Partita 1 and the 2nd and 3rd movs of zart k 330…how da da impromptu fall in comparison to these other pieces?

me thinks as in most Schubert, note aren’t gonna be the problem. I remember someone told me something like his writing for the piano is the most unpianistic but it sounds completely pianistic when pulled off.

yea the notes are a bit awkward sometimes…

in terms of difficulty,

bach 1zt pah
moz k330
schub 90-3

da hardest sheeyat in schub 90-3 soft pedal and pedal. if u overuse either one of them, it sounds like sheeyat. da RH is trickey. at da beginning, most mofoz seem to play evenly, zmooth tech. aftaha a while, da coherence iz all gone. b careful. metronome is essential here.

judging from ur level, i sorta think bach 1st pah is too difficult for u to learn well. even if u learned da whole sheeyat, u would have a hard time performing it. i didn’t mean to offend you but maybe you try some other bach pieces.

tru, everyone underestimates me…

my teach said i slacked off way too much in the fall semester, so i had to buckle up…she said there was no way in my level i wud learn the 1st mov of k 330, a bach prelude and fugue, and da noct 48-1 in 3 months…i did all of these, so I guess she has built faith in me…

Thanks doodz…

post rec


da teach video recs every studio class performance, but since i am home, i will ask her to rip that shit from the dvd and send it to me…

i performed it in class 3 times and they were all recorded…surprisingly, da best take was the first time i ever performed it

i’ll see wut i can do tru, i cant promise tho…

notez ARE FUCKING PROBLEMZ in schubert

check out da fuckin 4th mvt ov da Wanker Fatnazy

ma RH iz ztill bitchin abut it till tiz dayz

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generally in Schubert, notes aren’t a problem. The Wanderer happens to be an exception. Of course there are gonna be some parts in most of da pieces that are a bit of a bitch.

just WTF mikey !!!

many schub sons are problematic becuz of da notez.

I uze ma left, zince i put ma junk in da boxer to da right, i needa countah-balance dat zheeeyat. :rudy:

ok, I gots to clear up my idea of ‘notes’ (if I can).
His writing can be awkward and uncomfrotable and he calls for unpianistic things especially at low volumes. And stuff like da Erlking is a lot easier to perform on his piano.
I am by no means and haven’t said anything of his is easy but I think I mean you ain’t gonna encounter anything of a technical nature like da Transcendentals in his music.

heh…fuck this pieve…I is switching to da chop cello etude tru…

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Dis impromptu is pretty straightforward technically. the main difficulty is voicing and making it sound purrrty.

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the main difficulty (as said) is voicing, and keeping the line.

Technically this shouldn’t be a problem, the later A flat minor impromptu being more of a challenge in fluidity. Still, that wasn’t technically that difficult either.

Of course, this all depends on your level. Just don’t let the technique consume you - it WILL sound like shit.