Da Scriabin Scriabin Op. 32

I haff played numbah one from this opus and I’m going to start working on the number 2 soon. 8)

I think the first one sounds like some random chick fingering herself. it’s really moistening sheeyat!! Da second piece is lyk someone wanking. It even uses furious octave/chord technique! 8)

What do you think of these 2 pieces? I think they are a good display of da MOIST and da FURY. 8)

hahaha, letz c

im gonna look at de scorez

da Scribz 8)

Whoops, i made a mistaek in da title

Scriabin Scriabin…haha, it sounds like Duran Duran 8)

dat doeznt exactly bode well 8)


users.pandora.be/erak/piano/esse … me32_1.mp3


a bit sheeyayt

Hahaa, i somewhat concur, it definitely lacks the MOIZT, gud musicality tho…possibly. 8)

hahahahahahahahah diz iz da sheeyatz da POGO playz on da DVD.

da 2 impz of da op12 r bettah imo 8)

tiz tru

op12 of scrib is da shit, and so is everything else

HAHAHA, tru. I agree with dat.

The only thing that is not shit is urine.

hahaha, da subsciabin to da mag