Da Scrib challenges Tha Man in da Bach sheeyat

Tha Man plays da D major one - but I play the sheeyat in D minor which is much more furious key. 8)

I also had to use the organ sound on mah digtal piano cuz the piano is a bit sheeyat.
BachSheeyat.mp3 (2.03 MB)


bach sheeyat + scrib = sheeyat bach 8)

You sacrifced too much speed on the cadenza; the affekt was well noted tho. 8)

I’m in the middle of learning this set but I think I might learn another one. But just so you know, it’s not my style to mess with the fugues. Nonetheless, I acept your challenge and I will ansah - with FURY!!! 8)

Unleashed in peace,
Tha 'Script

P.S. Is your Bb P+F still up? I wanna hear dat ish again. 8)

I posted the Bb major sheeyat in the CF audition room a while ago…It should be in page 5 or something there,

Ic. I’ll check it out. 8)