da SDC-approved zheeyat board

tru we should haff anothah board wiz a dedicated moderatah(z) for zpecific piecez n collectionz of goof perfz

maybe even zub-boardz fo compozahs (tiz pozz?)

lyk, thread title: Reminiscences de Don Juan
mofoz collect da good recz

dere iz nowhere dat haz material organized lyk diz, cud bring in mo peepz if we build it up to a legit rezource

alzo bring back da :ghey:

Nah man, nobody would join that.
No offense to da Zkep but dat sounds a bit ghey :ho:

Also, all da mainstream sheeyat is whored out on YouTube now, even da Ho Yale stuff :blush:

But we do need to bring back DASDC store to spend da sviatoslavs, also get da bookmakers sheeyat going and pozz bring back DASDC store 8)

yeah ur rite, nobody here enjoy comparin recz of da zame piece :unamused:

haha, how about a subforum on here

moderated by da skep

and it’s own wud-u-hit-it dedickated to furry ratz etc.