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Speed Demon Community

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The Speed Demon Community (“Da SDC”) is a community of classical pianists who share a passion for dazzling pianistic speed (playing as fast as possible) as well as technical brilliance (known as “Da Fury”). Not surprisingly, the SDC does not hold musicality in such high regards, however they do recognize its importance. It is labeled “moisture ratings” (or “moizture ratingz,” as a member of the SDC would say). Many other classical music communities frown upon the SDC’s philosophies as well as the way they type.


1 Origins
2 Ideology
3 The “Dark Side”
4 SDC Legends
4.1 Pianists
4.2 Composers
5 External Links

The SDC was founded at the old ChopinFiles forum (now defunct; however, its new forums are still active, and ironically being run over by the SDC) on or before Friday, July 2nd, 2004. Its founders are an English classical pianist, Sir Steven Turnbull, known as “Comme le Vent,” or simply “Comme” on the internet (his alias is in reference to the first stunningly fast, technically demanding piano etude of the Op. 39 set written by French composer Charles Valentin Alkan. Its title translates to “Like the Wind” in English) and “Mazeppa,” (ethnicity unknown due to his enigmatic nature; in other words he is Chinese) aka “Zepp” (this name is in reference to Hungarian Pianist-Composer Franz Liszt’s 4th Transcendental Etude). Upon founding this society, Comme took the position of chair and gave Zepp the position of vice-chair.

Comme claims to have learned piano composer Frédéric Chopin’s “Ocean” Etude Op. 25/12 as his very first piece (which is an amazing feat as the piece is a true test of technique); however, very few to this day have heard much of Comme’s piano playing.

Soon afterwards, Comme and Zepp started a thread on the forums declaring their existence as well as setting benchmarks and requirements for submitting applications to join their club. I quote Zepp, “In a typical SDC audition, Speed cums first. Accuracy cums second. Musicality is prohibitted. We will deduct marks for any attempts at emotional playing (except FURY).” To apply, one must submit a recording or a video as an audition of them playing a piece at an extremely quick tempo. They set benchmarks for pieces and were the sole judges of whether or not the applicant may be inducted into their honorable society.

However, another factor played a vital role in the applications; “Comedic Gensui” or “CG” (it was formerly known as Comedic Genius but was changed after a member accidentally misspelled Genius. This typo was considered Comedic Gensui, and thus it was set as the new standard). Comedic Gensui should be self-explanatory.

Many of the members of the forum submitted recordings, some as a joke, others more seriously. After the ChopinFiles forum was being flooded by SDC “mofos” the entire general forum was wiped clean. This caused much anger directed at the moderators as well as the SDC, and many members soon left afterwards. One member created his own classical music forum. After a while, the SDC found their way there, and in an attempt to keep his forum clean, the member created a seperate “SDC” forum for Comme and his followers to express themselves. Soon there was some dispute, and Comme became banned from the original forums (Comme has a habit of being banned from piano forums). After further dispute, Comme ceceded from the member’s forum and bought webspace with Kevin (aka LostInCode) to host the site.

Later, there was a “1337” takeover of the original member’s forums (aka the Coup d’Etat de Comme"), which soon fell apart. The member continues to run a clean forum today, without any further problems from the SDC.

In a recent incident, Comme was banned from his own forums. Zepp proclaimed himself chair and K-nar (a French pianist, often referred to as K-mart) vice-chair. Comme returned, and no one bothered to fix the rankings. Upon entering their site, you will find that both Comme and Zepp are “Chairman of the SDC,” and K-nar as the vice-chair.

And so the legacy of the SDC began.

As mentioned before, the SDC regards speed is the greatest factor. They also admire technique (especially octave technique), Comedic Gensui, and improvisation (Comme is known to be a great improviser at the piano).

But besides the music-related qualities, the SDC believe in being “enigmatic” and random. They also talk in the “mofo lingo,” believed to be devised by Comme and Zepp (on the official SDC forums many of these changes are automatic). It includes some of the basics of internet speak, including but not limited to:

Using “da” instead of “the”
Using “u” instead of “you”
Using “haff” instead of “have”
You should get the idea by now.

Common compliments include but are not limited to:

Commanding “respec”
Being “wikid”
Being “legendary”
Being a “mofo”
i c
8) (this is the smiley with shades on phpBB forums. It would be :sunglasses: on AIM and (H) on MSN Messenger)

The “Dark Side”
This is the “Kingdom of Slowness” (obviously in opposition to the SDC’s views), with John Rusnack as “king.”

SDC Legends

Comme (naturally)
Gyorgy Cziffra
Vadim Rudenko
Vladimir Horowitz
Sviatoslav Richter
Sergei Rachmaninoff
Marc-André Hamelin
Francesco Libetta
Simon Barere
Lang Lang (a master of CG)
Boris Berezovsky
Yundi Li
Andrei Gavrilov

Franz Liszt
Charles Valentin Alkan
Ludwig van Beethoven
Frédéric Chopin
Leopold Godowsky
Sergei Rachmaninoff

External Links
The Official SDC Forums (Viewer discretion advised)
First SDC Recruiting Topic

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