da sdc cemetery tour

One of my favourite things to do is visit the graves of my artistic heroes.
I thought it would be cool to share some of the pics here. I’ll just post the pianist/composer ones, I also like to visit filmmakers and authors.
Eventually I would like to make it out of France and visit Liszt’s grave.
It would probably be my first time being starstruck in front of a dead person. :pimp:

Anyway, to start things off, here’s Freddy.

A Fred Chopin? Casual

I wonder if that’s what they called him?
His grave is rather well maintained unlike Bizet’s which I’ll post a photo of later.
Chopin’s heart is in Warsaw.
I know anima went to visit that church where it’s kept.

Interesting thread. I’ve only ever really seen Tchaikovsky & Rimsky-Korsakov. Think I saw a couple of the other composers too, but it was quite a few years ago and I stupidly didn’t go looking for anybody else other than Tchaikovsky (which I now really regret).
I honestly cant describe what it felt like standing in front of Tchaikovskys grave…
I have also seen William Wordsworths grave but hes closer to home.

Really interesting idea for a post though!


tru, I remember going up to da :rock: grave some time back

Ah Wordsworth, that’s awesome!
I used to quote from his Ode to myself all the time.
Did you take any pics of Tchaikovsky and Rimsky?
I’d love to visit Rachmaninoff.
If I ever went to LA one of the first things I’d to is visit Rita Hayworth’s grave.

Here’s Bizet.
I was extremely sad when I first visited his grave.
It is just not fitting for the composer who gave us Carmen.
I honestly walked past it several times without seeing it, being hidden between two mausoleums.

I have just searched through my facebook pictures and found the picture I took of Tchaikovskys grave. I didnt take one of Rimsky Korsakovs, but I also took one of Dostoevskys!

How do I upload them to here?

Dont worry, I just saw how when I edit the post -

Great shots!
Thanks for posting!

I have the Vienese group somewhere when i went to the zentralfreidhof. If I find them, i’ll upload.

That’s one I have to visit!
I haven’t even made it over the channel yet.

Here are some ladies.
Marie D’Agoult, author and the mother of Liszt’s children.
They had a pretty fucked up relationship, she wanted to be Beatrice to his Dante but it didn’t work out that way.
Her novel Nelida is both libelous and sanctimonious in the extreme but I still admire her.
When I think of her, the phrase les histoires d’amour finissent mal comes to mind.

Two pianists:
The great, great Clara Haskil, who I admire so much.
It took me forever to find her grave.
Brigitte Engerer, I can’t believe it’s already been 5 years since she died.

Has anyone read any of d’Agoult’s books? Or Dupin/Sand’s?

The only one I could find was Nelida which I read in French.
I haven’t read any of George Sand.

Any opinion of her as an author, aside from her agenda with that book?

It’s a little hard to separate her literary abilities from the agenda since her sole purpose in writing it was to damage Liszt.
As such, the main protagonists are very black and white characters, with Nelida the saint (she even ends up in a convent iirc) and Guermann the sinner.
It’s still interesting, but mainly as an insight into Marie herself.

Alphonsine Plessis aka Marie Duplessis aka Marguerite Gautier aka Violetta Valery, La Dame aux Camélias.
She must have been one hell of a woman.
Even Liszt was very taken by her.


If Da Liszt made sum tours of Japan, I reckon he would never look at these white chicks twice 8)

I think Liszt probably sampled the local cuisine wherever he went 8)