Da SDC Election


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To the dear people of the Speed Demon Community, to whom I once was a mother to, lend me your ears; yea, open your hearts for what I am about to expound unto thee.

Even though I am yet 31 years of age, I have lived a long time. Truly, I have seen many hardships yet have I lived through them. I have seen many people fail at the 88, including myself, yet I have risen. I have listened to an untold number of records by the “Ideal Beret” and Jeno Jando, yet I have not complained.

Bearing all this in mind, it is with a heavy penis heart that I need to adress the current state of the Speed Demon Community. What my eyes have seen, would appear to be beyond repairing, albeit l I set my trust to God that we can fix the situation that has befallen us all.

As you may have noticed, there is a great lack of speech conforming to the rules of “SDC-lingo” – a concern of which I find to be worrying. For whenever I decide to indulge myself in the pleasure of entering into the world of the SDC, I expect there to be a standard met in regards to the non-conformist language, not to mention the need for speed. There is, in my humble opinion, too much talk about msicallity on this board. Thusly, there is a need for renewal. Vote for that Shreddah in the upcoming SDC elections – there will be no semicolons and msicallity here. Don’t vote for the xsdc (or the SteinwayModel since he has died, in regards to the internet at least, and since he is a faggot) and hence for the boringness of the internet. Let there be new life to this board; allow speed to once again triumph over m*sic!

Today we celebrate our Independence Day!

Pro 88? Pro Shreddah!

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I vote fo shreddah as mod.

Shreddah - thanks for passing on my channel link to all your contacts.
Print da URL of my channel n paste it on your son’s backpack to take to daycare 8)

execute odah 66.

Tru, when u becum SDC mod, you’ll juz make my channel link a sticky in da recs sect.

Vote up mofos!
Shreddah for president.

Shreddah - dat free ad will cost you 10 ziffro 8)

hahahah sheeyat da blackmail :doc:

not at all… I scratch yo anuz n u scratch mine

juz business :lib:


da citizenry demandeth!

mildly 8)

daim da mildlyness is mildly disturbin’. i haff contacted da JAGLOR thru facebook but he be buizzy bein married n borin, only lykin da unlegendary jazz. :rock: :pimp:

furthermoar, doze hu vote “no” shud be banned disregardlezz how da pollz turn out. dey obviously luv da cock 2 much (no disrespec zkepto).

fuuuuuuuuuuck add moi on FB, pmin u mah page 8)

hahaha daim, but i iz a cuntservative n u iz b ghey. will v b able 2 coexistz?

da zkep vil extract da JAL np

luckily da zkep cannot read any zheeyat on yo page, zo if u a white nation muthah den tiz undetectable :doc:

juz change both poll options to yes 8)


-Campaign Pimp of Mod-Erect Zhreddah

da cuntztituzhunal criziz cummah?


SHEEEEEYAT da aliterationz. u iz lyk da SDC shakespeare,

cunt change dem now :ziff:


btw you spelled erection wrong