DA SDC IS AIGHT? We is worried. Def need some more “wud u hit it” polls please, daddy

Is dying! Somebody do something!

very sad

Tru I wuz hopin da TM wud get Covid n we cud go n invite a bunch of membahz back :dong:


we still have a lot of regularz, I think we iz OK…and dun worry, da sdc alwayz rizes again :sunglasses:


I think we should petition tru to create some alts to get things going again. :sunglasses:

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Lol forget the news thread a bit public

On the plus side, a few new membahz surely imminent conzidahring google found dasdc when I searched for wim winters is a cunt.


I suppose I could get the canadian back by making a transfer and remaster of the richter carniggah discs I found at goodwill…

Now with more pedal stomps?


Randomly this record isn’t in bad shape. I’ll do the asspassianata for test…

Post re-join will do the rest.


Sheee-it, I’d have to go see da fuckin :hui: in person fo dat to happen.

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It is what it is… da paradox is, da more pussyass we gonna git about shock-jock posts such as “fuck da CCP gutter oil, organ trafficking fake ass wankaz”, da furthah we get away from da SDC tru ideal

Now, if you can’t handle dat sheeyat, or if yo azz can’t handle da random inactivity, sheeyat, just look at gamingforce, pianoworld, piano street, and hell, r/piano

Yeah. We still good.


@da_zepp I guess we need sum HANDFIZH to rejuvenate diz place POZZ

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Chill yo ass out

This richter carniggah famously shit sound kinda good. They used good stuff just the mic placements were fucked I figure.

All the loud parts raped with nubby distrotion and highs were like in a different city but but were there.


Tru. Dey hid da pro equipment under da piano lid n illicitly taped da Richter.

Yeah they did a crude lift at 2.2 khz to make it sound like not under a piano a bit marginally successful.

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Tru. Randomly, dat sort of mic setup really hampers da dynamic range

Will post a short high res sample. Somebody couldda fixed this and made a pro release… why our record dudes such lazy fucks.


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I’m cool. I’m just saying that the level of activity has been going down for a few months and lately it’s been comatose.


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Perhapz u zhud pozt more lyk da :tm:

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I’m not into trannies and conspiracy theories. Anytime I try to start a thread about films or funny shit on the net, nobody engages.

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