Great to see all of the activity… it’s been a while,but I will continue to check in. Thanks to IamCanadian Chris and simonme20 for all the goods. Diggin on Gilels right now. I also upped to the Jazz Forum some Brown Roach Quintet 1956 courtesy of Dime. Brownie and Richie P. had under 2 weeks left on earth…drag.

def da trumofo

zdc for life :rectum:

Johnny Guarnieri on Marian McPartland Piano Jazz '81
has been upped to there. He was a stride great, and does a seriously hip remix on the famous Chopin c#moll Waltz, let alone his Maple Leaf Rag …

Nice to be back here guys!
Great to see amazing posts by iamcanadian - thanks man!
I will try to contribute to this renaissance as well…

You guys are great!

dayum havnet been around for a while here

first time in years i havent had time to check da sdc

adult life :frowning:

This guy is annoying as hell tru.

Tru. But not as annoying as da TM! :whale:

Hey trumofo, how about we spend some tyme in da SDC GULAG together? Then we can both ponder on how to be less annoying!

When u get to 100 posts you’ll get there my friend 8)

Haha, we have one of the first confirmed sightings of a non-TRUMOFO troll on here.
Jeez, that shit IS a pain in the fuckin azz

Diz mofo juz messaged me asking for my mom’z number 8)


welcum back u mofo

will you fuck off finally? Damn, sending me tons of PMs is not ok, but you won’t get the satisfaction of going back on my ignore list.

I wonder who this mofo really is…

what a cunt

so who are you?

Fun and games are over, cunt(s).

Mods are supposed to moderate the forum and not perform blatant shitfuckery like this.

Ban the DonaldTrump account

I’d like to stick a broom in his asshole 8)
He’d probably would enjoy it too.

Seriously? You guys have nothing better to do?

Cut it the FUCK out, cunts

Thanks! 8)