What do you think…Can we get dis place going again? LOL Is it possible?
Da Canadian posted some new shit! That’s a good start.
I will see if I can find anything worthy to upload, but I have been out of the game fo a looong while.
If you know any legacy membahz, or have em on social network sheeyatz, tell em to come pay a visit.
I know, I am totally a hypocrite, disappear for 5 years and then come back and whine about how no one is here hahaha plz excuze mah lack of faithfulnezz

:comme: :rectum: :g:


i’ve still passed by here pretty much every day, mostly for putting shit in the suppository.

i don’t collect anymore tbh, but more activity is always welcome, ofc 8)

More than one person a per day making a comment/any kind of post is a good start imo. Sooo…diz thread already deliverin!


Fuck my account was deactivated for like 3 days cause I changed my profile email address… Its a sign the renaissance is meant fo fail hahaha (p.s. Thanks fake plastic for reactivating my sorry azz :laughing: )


I’m still around.
I will pozz be moving back to Paris at the end of the year, so will be able to get the brewtlegs going again.

Actually this is true of me too, I’ve only just started listening to music again.
Been playing Lipatti’s last recital tonight and it made me think of you guys.


Hahaha see, we all comin back 8)

The current sdc forum, and it is a really great forum, it really is. It relies on the 88 — and I have the best 88, you know, I use the best 88 in my concertz. It really is quite amazing just how great the 88 is, but I’m not really, in fact — it is a 88. A really good one and I’ve talked to people and, lots of people actually, and they all think what I said. It has a lot of appeal. It’s really just all there and what it is. If people, you know, losers and whatever, if they don’t get it, then what are you going to do? It’s not like the 88 isn’t there and that, you know, it’s what it is. I have to shake my head. Everyone is just shaking their heads. It really is.

I’m going to make da SDC great again!


hahhajh legendary av

hahaha which among us is da TRUMP? :dong:

Who knows? After the bomb tonite in NYC CNN was literally referencing the dEnaldtrump troll twitter account as if he was responsible.

da Trump = trumofo? :lib:

Ahahaha moi is not trumofo.

I wuz a lurker for many years but decided dat diz iz da tyme for some new cg at da dsc.

haha we’ll see where diz goez :slight_smile:

Datz exactly wut trumofo would zay 8)