da SDC speaketh: da gratezt mofo of da CD era


  • Argerich
  • Berezovsky
  • Hamelin
  • Kissin
  • Lupu
  • Pogorelich
  • Sokolov
  • Volodos
  • Zimerman

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I know this is a ridiculous question, but I’d be curious on what the consensus is with this… if you could only pick ONE. I originally meant to leave it unbounded as long as the pianist left recordings, but noticing how space restricted the polls were I’m splitting it up in four - 78, LP, CD, FLAC/Mp3.

I’ve included 10 of the most lauded contenders above which can reasonably be said to belong to the CD era (as many as the poll allows), but there are numerous others of course. If your pick isn’t included -> comments.

I went with Lupu for his technical control and grasp of the Austro-German rep. On another day I would have picked Zimerman. Argerich was close, but her rep is more limited…

Hamelin needs to record some Beethoven!

I would say Volodos…

Of those listed, Volodos. Although I don’t the direction he’s headed in (denying his SD roots).

You didn’t include Freire, who I like better than any of those pianists.

Pogorelich, if I had to choose one.

Ah, Freire should probably have been there instead of BB.

It’s Pogo or Soko for me here (and it will be Soko).

Fascinating bit of trivia-- on this list, only 3 of the performers have played the Rach Sonata 2 (Doc, BB, Pogo), and that piece isn’t something any of them are really identified with. Interesting commentary about contemporary pianism.

Ten years ago I would have said Volodos, but as said, I don’t like his direction these days. It sounds like he’d rather be a Kempff instead of a Horowitz.

Hamelin needs to be playing less Schubert and Schumann to get back to where he was.

Pogo…well…I…um…he used to be great, I can’t come to terms with him today (though some of his new approach is fascinating).

Argerich bores me now. I know she plays a lot of chamber music now which is new to her repertoire, but for solo and concerto works, I just can’t rate her anymore because she’s so limited in what she plays I don’t consider her an active solo or concerto performer.

I’ve hit the pause button on Sokolov. I am not inspired by his repertoire over the past several years.

Kissin has grown on me, though with that hard tone of his he needs to better harness it by letting loose more.

BB I just can’t get into. To me he sounds like a bad blend of Kissin and Hamelin.

Lupu sounds pretty but I haven’t been interested in anything he’s done since he was much younger.

So for me, depending on the day, it’s KZ or Pletnev from the above list.

Freire and Volodos for me.

Truth be told I was left with just 9 names when I brainstormed this one, and Berezovsky was the first extra candidate which sprang to mind. Briefly ca 1997-2001 he was an exciting live pianist who I think left some really good things, in the virtuoso department, but he is lesser than the other names here and Brew’s right that Freire would have been a better option.

I couldn’t agree more re Hamelin’s current rep choices, but at the same I do agree with Harrison about Beethoven! It’s one of those unlikely combinations in music, but I think he often plays him really well. The recent Appassionata maybe not so much, but his Op.90 was my favourite rec of the work for quite some time, and he’s recently done a good LvB-4 as well.

Pletnev is still growing as a pianist. He will probably reach a point where “not bad for an old man” :ho: gets a new layer of understatement.

Yes, there’s lots of contenders already, but I think Pletnev’s Amsterdam recital in Feb is the concert of the year for me. Not since it necessarily was the best, but it took weeks or months before I had fully wrapped my head around it, and it took you on journeys at least I’ve never had in music before.

Like Horowitz, Pletnev is growing horizontally.

When he is 80 he will be into 18 year old boys, thus making his taste completely normal.

By that time the dogfuckers league of America will legalize bestality in at least 30 states anyway. 8)

Pletnev’s ultimately brought down by a lack of proper google skills

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ages_of_c … th_America

and a list of places he could marry a kid, build a happy home etc.

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGBT_righ … _territory

The Mexico City Pletnev school of Pedo-logical Keyboard studies in works ??

Pogo before he went mad.

hahahah da LUPU n ZIM juz not in diz weight clazz tru

top 3 iz bazically:

da DOC, WHALE, n da VOL

deze r da mofoz dat make u go ‘WTF’ at deir bezt

da next tier iz

da ZOCK, PLATE n prime POGO

dey be da mofoz dat make u go ‘FUCKKKKK’ at deir bezt 8)

da GENIE cud occazzionally elicit a reaction lyk ‘ahahah daim’ when on form but datz about it 8)

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There’s not ONE on your list that I really enjoy throughout, so…no vote here.

Erwin, again, read the OP. I could not include every mofo who’s left recordings during the respective eras. Bar Berezovsky these are ten of the most famous.

This happened already early on.