da secret brothel. wut has happened.

were iz da brothel?

-da Meph


I’m guessing there was another “secret” forum made in order to politely weed out the people they didn’t want in there. Now they can pass around all the shit they want in their little confined community. How cute. Gamingforce > sdc

haahaha fuck if ther iz anotha secret sheeyat tha rob iz bein left out of tha loop :kan:

tha conspiracy continues… :comme:

wtf 8)

n to da memmingah u can apply to da truzt membah group az zoon az u haff 100 poztz

the what has happened to da brotel thing only lasted for a bout 1 day.

-da Meph

haha aight. I used to be able to see it but now I can’t therefore I assumed it was still missing. anyways… :whale: