any sd´z in dere wishin to meet up leave me a note and tell me how where who when etc.

Pariz iz wikid and since you are persian da maghrebins vill give you rezpec instead of swiping yo shoez.

good one.

mah bad self is also going to paris and the south of la France in august. I am really looking forward to it. Maybe I will buy some legendary piano-cds in Paris?

-da Meph

come and see me at my la roque d’antheron concert

hahahaha DA ZHAGA

if u cummah to give a concert I vil go 8)


da official ZHAGA vid iz in ordah 8)

i iz randomly in da Salzburg now, tiz gensui offcoz, i vill be in da paris from da 1st-7th, so If any sds wanna meet up tell meh. (private performance NOT guaranteed 8))

fugly beeyatch

haha sheeyat
I vil be at DA ROQUE
u cud make da trip n c da WHALE da LUGY da DOC …
or cud u? 8)

HAHAHA SHEEYAT i just remembered itzu da ROQUE

dayum i wanna watch the Blechacz, are you seein dat?

are da HUFF ticketz sold out?

haha I vil be at NICE durin da RAF n HUFF
I cummah aftah diz in stay up to da august 12

haha sheeyat all da mofo concertz iz zold out
except gheyly da :doc: hu cummah fo 2 recitalz

cap da zpidah and ill show it to him haha :chop:

tiz deprezzingly zold out :frowning:

i wud ztyll bone it