Da Sherbert/Liszt Erlkonig

According to da encyclopedia of SDC reproductoire, Dis MOFO iz reserved fo da most phenomenally gifted wankahs only. ie. Our beloved Chairman Comme would be an ideal exponent fo dis music. 8)

Now obviously we iz interested in da record timings fo dis fuckah. Muza Rubackyte, da ziff-chick hailing from France shaked it off in 4’08 despite da seductively moist interp. We also need confirmation on Kissin’s timing, which an!ma claims to be fastast. Yet, judging from his campy finale on da dvd, da shrimp should decimate him in dis sheeeyat.

Lastly, da Slit performance (on cd from amazon) claims a track timing of 3’50.

Discuss 8)

i have da kissin rec, ima gonna time dat fuckah 8)

i got it too.
4:05 or somethin

yep 8)

I predict a sub-3’45 from da Shrimp. 8)

u haff faith in da endurance octs, i haff less faith 8)