da SHISH unleazh a forgotten clazzic


REZPEC da CHOP fo quazi plagiarizin from diz

n makin it bettah, zumwut :sunglasses:

fo u impatient mofoz, juz faztforward to da ENDIN TRUZECT at 30’40 tru 8)

Hey, I uploaded this, with da Shish’ approval! :slight_smile:
Amazing pianist, amazing piece. And indeed, Chopin was influenced a lot by Hummel.

Is this the one Liszt used to play a lot as a kid?
I forgot.


I love this piece. Hough made a classic rec of it along with Hummel’s PC #1 during his absolute prime.

Brew, I actually think it was Chopin, during his wunderkind phase, who concertized across Europe with this piece. So, it’s no surprise he was influenced by Hummel’s concerto.

I checked, this was the piece Liszt made his Vienna debut with when he was 11.

Is that from the Alan Walker biography? Yeah, I think I may have confused my traveling wunderkinds up.

True, Walker bio.
It’s entirely possible Chopin played it too, I don’t know really know much of his bio pre-Paris.

I love the last mov to this. Shame my thirds suck!

tru 500 ziff on ‘diz niggah ztarted on Hanon’

Yeah I wonder how he developed his amazing speed & clarity - more so because when I look more closely, he doesn’t seem to have a very “natural hand” to play the piano. He simply must have practised a LOT since early childhood. :ziff:


DA FUCK?!?! 8)

Mmm yes!

Mildly wtf.
He got da TRUGOD crazy spidah hand.
Diz mofo basically a Russian TRUGOD wiz bettah facials 8)

Contrary to what many people think, IMO for a pianist it’s not the most ideal to have a slender, “leptosome” physique with thin hands and long fingers. Most “natural” virtuoso seems to me the sturdier type with broad fleshy hands and spatulate, very flexible fingers.
He’s an amazingly talented guy, but I haven’t heard him live yet. I wonder if he has a full tone and many colours…


diz now turn into a WHALE-FIN vz LUGY-ZLENDAHMAN debate


I think da ideal is to actually know what da fuck u iz doing at da 88, regardless if you got a slender hand or a thick dong 8)

Ahahaha tru

I mean if da fuckin CAMELDICK can develop a semi rezpecable tech wiz doze raped handz, den dere truly iz no zuch zheeyat az an ideal 88 hand 8)

hahahah fuckkkk

:chop: : I haff zlightly bettah melodiez