da shit-yo-sel moments

dere is a special composition technique known to tru mofo composahs

da shit-yo sel tech -

da prime example of dis mofo - is da fuckin chopin’s winterwind, starting off wit a slow ickle funeral like theme in single notes…den a somewhat calm and serene major key version of dat, den comes in dis unexpected chord dat creates anxiousness…pause a secon…den BOOOOOOOOOM- str8 into da aggressivo insanity 8)

dis is da perfect shockin example of dis tech, but dere can me other mofos like climaxes of fury and otha shit, especially in a happy/calm piece when suddenly da fuckin shit hits da fan 8)

dizcuzz 8)

I’m surprised u didn’t mention da KAN 35/7 8)

haha, dat is just one big long shit-yo-sel fest

da otha ultimate - is actually another kan fave - da 39/9 - a slow sheeyat mofo - but it builds into a trem behemoth, den after goin quiet again - it has da most hilarious shit-yo-sel sheeyat eva - da sudden FFFFFFFF staccatto chords otta fuckin nowhere man…and da end of dat mvt is also insane - after some slow mournin sheeyat - it pauses for a few secs, and den just SPLAT and its ovah

dis is alot like da festin end too - SPLAT fuckaaaaaaaaah!

comedic genius

and also da morte by da KAN - at da end it quitens down after some insane fury, and suddenly stomps 2 fast loud bangin chords, and its ovahhh

dats style 8)

HAHAHAHAHA, reconize!!!

da sorabji OC, in one of da cadenzas

da mofo goes from da bottom of da 88 to da top of da 88 wit da mad clusters and fury of violence

   i drop a sheeyat everytime i hears it

and i get da bonah 8====D

<img src="/uploads/default/original/1X/ae031e9834d19166598edd060b063d44f1829139.gif" width="15" height="15" alt="8)" title="Cool"/>

da 3rd movement of ludy’s 6th symph, or da beginning of mahler 2nd 5th movement, aftah da calm soprano sheeeyat



da KAN fistinz central finga FURY. it randomly followz da var16, which depictz da snail. 8)

HAHAHAHAHAHHA, man dat piece iz beyond genius

and ROD - i know dose! i agree 8)