Da Shosty unleashes like a mofo


I wish we had recordings of him playing Chopin from his competition days


da ZHOZTY fo zhor play diz conc bettah den

da PRICK himzelf played da PRICK 2 8)

Daim da Shosty!

Is there a recording of da prok himself playing da prok 2?

Well never say never about these Russian vaults, but to the best of my knowledge his only extant recordings are the two EMI sessions in London 1932 and Paris 1935 (neither of which include it).

Proko recorded his Third Concerto, a selection of his V.F. and some other pieces - and IMO anyone who wants to study/grasp his piano style should listen to them, even if he was not a virtuoso on the level of Rach or Bartok.

I think Prokofiev’s recordings are remarkably interesting. I admittedly haven’t listened to them in 15 years now, but I recall being very surprised by them. From his compositions you (I) expect this edgy, hammering fff spiccato personality out to outrage and cause controversy, but instead you find this relatively well behaved gentleman with a velvety touch and a tone which reminded me of vanilla, rather than the sharp rocks of hell or the cold machinery of the early 20th C factories.

It’s the same with Rach really - this icon of high romanticism, and yet at the piano you find a model of economy and restraint, with an almost austere personality and a clear minded, businesslike approach to piano playing. I’ve been wondering if you can extrapolate this to older composers as well, and assume that their music is written to complement their playing style rather than amplify it - which if so leads to interesting conclusions about Liszt in particular.

congratz, u juz randomly hit upon

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Who knows. I’ve read accounts that Liszt (later in life) could be extremely precise, even pedantic when he taught his students. It’s not unlike Rach’s approach to music making: first be able to play exactly what is written, and only from there you can deviate and develop personal freedom & musical authority to put your own stamp on an interpretation.

Isn’t that just logical?
I can’t stand this show but this made me fist pump.
Especially 5:40 onwards

From 1:00 also genius.

How did legit music talk end up on this show wut!

Harry C before becoming jazzbo won some regional classical piano comps and studied wit Marsalis sr if I member right

He sums up everything I hate about pop music, singers and audiences in that video.

Damn, Someone to Watch Over Me and Stormy Weather; two favourites of mine. These songs are meant to be sung simply.
As much as I love early Sinatra, he used to fuck up the phrases by over holding notes. Maddening.
This is why I think Fred Astaire was the best, and many of these standards were written for him.

Hahaha tru da Connick da only good thing about dat show

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