da shreddahs compostions... all of dem

diz contains alla midifiles

Moscow 1 n 2: I took a compostion class n diz iz da basis of mah end compostion. Not finished. Both of da files contains 2 themes dat are variated.

Moscow 1: In F# minor contains some wikid sheeyat but misses sum transations n sheet

Mscow 2: A slow movement, wit some minor variations nothin big, just lyk da one above, n it endz with a fugue in B major

Arpeggio etude: diz speaks fo itself

Canon in Eb minor: a canon I wrote a while ago

Minuet: A minuet which wuz mah first composition fo diz course i took. it sucks n it is very mozartish since it iz based on of hiz n sheeyat

da daring invention: diz one suckz da most but it iz sort of a joke ^^

Compo.zip (142 KB)

i’ll dl dis and listen 8)

if u listen i will love you for all of mah life

For a more understandable thread pianostreet.com/smf/index.ph … w.html#new

Don’t download dat zip, tiz da limited edtion, u gays haff da extended version

i liked dat etude, u posted while ago your improvisation, and u promised to make an etude for it, u did it 8)

didn’t like much daring, canon n mozart minuet :frowning:

now listening moscow sheeyat, and i’ve liked so far 8)

good… cause I don’t lyk dose either. i wasn’t much of a penis back den. 8)

I really love the fugue from moscow 2… Mmmm B major

you haff obviously grown a bigger peniz since then :open_mouth:

Hahahahaha tnx… I think 8)

plz check yo local supahmarket fo any job vacanciez 8)

HAHAHAHA fuck u 8)



Haven’t listend

But still



banned 8)

dats gud