da shrimp and da dong iz undah attack in da GFF

here’z da ztori.


agreed. i also feel the same way of yundi li. empty, boring, the only rememing thing is that you can study his technique – which isnt really that impressive. i honestly wonder whether or not he bribed the adjudicators with hookers and beer. he certainly is no blechacz, or zimmermann, or bunin. even the people who didnt qualify were much better than he. give me a wunder or a yc chang recital anyday.

it could find many interpretive issues in yc chang’s playing - especially in the mazurkas, and the polonaise but she’s asian, you cant expect her to have a profound understanding of polish folk culture. however, there are sincere ideas and the are not boring. unfortunatly she used up her strengh when she got to the last momevement of the sonata.

lang lang, the dude studied with gary ‘mr connections’ graffman. graffman studied with vengerova who taught a VERY painful technique. i studied with a teacher of the vengerova tradition and told him straight up that he sucked as a pianist, human being and a teacher and that there might be a reason why a large quantity of his students were in physiotherapy clinics. lang’s playing is painful to watch – at least gould’s was justified by his medical conditions. his body moved differently from that of a healthy man.

anyway, enough rant.


datz rite




da zupah 8)

hahahah tha author of that pozt randomly iz a membah here, who alzo randomly went to tha UWO when mahblackazz did alzo.

he iz a knowledgable POL n tha one who provided tha NECRO recz n otha rare pimp sheeyat i poztd n took credit fo 8)

wtf?!!! aint da zupah !

maybe diz will become in 10 years or so … but not yet :wink: :rectum: