Da Shrimp cummeth!!!

5.11., 20.00, NDR Kultur, Yundi LI plays Liszt’s 1st piano concerto (live from Hannover)

NDR Kultur: http://www.ndr.de/hf/radio3/ and click on “NDR Kultur live” at the top of the page.

AIEEEEH i am not gonna miss dis sheeeyat!!!

and dis aint dose pre-recorded broadcasts. Dis is da fuckin live Shrimp fresh from da oven, wit FURY transmitted directly via satellite. 8)

And plus Hannovah iz his backyard. DA FURY will be heightened due to da home advantage. 8)

hahaha, da 5th of nov is both ziff’s birthdat, and bonfire night in da uk


dis will be wikid

Da Shrimp will honour da Ziff wit an insane unleashing of epic proportions i’m shor. 8)

i will be dere

nad shud too 8)

I won’t 8)

:open_mouth: :angry: