Da SHRIMP iz in critical condition

Da TIBIDI bringz forth da BAD NEWZ:

Da Kmart muzt be FUUUURIOUS.

Shorly da evil DONGDONG iz behind diz. Da shrimp let hiz guard down in da NBC interview n revealed dat he lykz da chineze takeaway. da DONG caught diz, n randomly unleashed sum food poissoning



hez not ghey?


n notice how da TIBIDI makez hiz thread entrance in da trademark inimitable stylee:


hahaha DAYUM
da concert in france iz in mo dan 2 monthz tho

I think da excessive uze of heroine/cocaine vil finish our shrimp… soonah or latah :frowning:

btw da heterosexual revelation iz disturbin :open_mouth:

haha da forum dey iz talkin about:
pub14.bravenet.com/forum/show.ph … 2199&cpv=2
sum gensui n first class revelationz FO SHO dere 8)

haha FUUCKK !!!
da SHRIMP n hiz BIATCH!! (respecable I admit… 8) )

translate.google.com/translate?u … uage_tools



mah bezt wishez to da shrimp n hiz respecable GF 8)


Hahahahahh n da undahcovah DONG makez hiz presence known, wit a cum soaked DONG dat reachez 3 feet up to hiz chin. da shrimpz biiiiatch look impressed 8)


FUUUUUUUUUUCK much GENSUI in diz french intahview:http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=fr&u=www.arte-tv.com/fr/art-musique/Maestro/Interviews/Artistes_20L-R/792408.html&prev=/search%3

“The musicians often appreciate the racing cars; Karajan constitutes the best example of it. A car, it is so much exciting. There is a true fascination for mechanics, the technique, the beauty of the lines, and also for the danger to which one exposes oneself when one rolls quickly. When one also plays of the piano, one endangers oneself. One never knows what will occur during a concert.”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA da ultimate SDC analogy!!!



actually she lookz UNIMPREZZED, maybe a hint to da SHRIMPZ tru girth 8)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, da shrimp seemz in semi-denial in de american intahviewz i seen

hahahahaha, n in da 2nd pic da DONG appearz to be AURALLY raping da shrimpz ear!?!?

The google technology is obviouzly not familiar with the French way of exprezzing sentimentz. 8)

how could u rape a ear othah way dan aurally ? :confused:

Tha tactile approach of the wet-willy has always been violating, to say the least. :neutral_face:

hahaha THA MAN provez hiz worth wit some top-clazz CG spottin tech

hahaha, da word willy in britian meanz COCK

amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASI … 34-9848450

diz iz y diz album wuz a BIG hit in da UK 8)