Da Shrimp silencez da criticz...

…by unleashing hiz most random program yet in Italy next year -shorly a tribute to da legendary LIB 8)


Mozart: Sonata K. 330
Chopin: Polonaise op. 53
Schubert: Impromptu D 899 No. 3
Liszt: Rhapsodie espagnole
Schumann: Carnaval
Prokofiev: Etude No. 3
Conservatorio G. Verdi, Milano, Italy

Proudly brought to u by TITBIT


u know whatz fuckin shockin


Iz da shrimp trying to compete wit da Longdong by unleashing variety of pieces ?

no, he’z just trying to take down da lh octz record in da heoric. da rest of dat program is more or less superfluous. 8)

dis iz his program fo da 2005-2007 period 8)

2107* 8)

diz iz an old tactic to diss da shrimp. piss off back to yo Longdong topicz 8)

Haha, dat Prick etude is a classic. Some SD mofo used to play it as encore in his concerts.

So, we might expect some massive FURY.

But the rest of the prog looks like just some moistening sheeyat. 8)

EDIT: Not Richter, but some SD mofof for sure


hahaha, yep

best rec evah

Did da Shrimp copy da Horowitz’s program ?

Half of his program was played by Horowitz oftenly.

Dayum !!!

fuck man

LONGDONGAH haz been doin dat fo agez

Da LongDong and DaShrimp are super super stars now.

Whereevah these 2 dudes go, the tickets are all sold out.


Asian Rule.

Maybe, but it’s damn good music, so why not “copy”.

Next year Da Shrimp is due to unleash da Liszt’s PC no.1 and some Chop on his new CD.

Haha, dis is going to be wikid.


WHere did u read that

from Da DG website.

Early today.

hahahaha, fo sum reason i think da longdongah lookz like he iz fat

fo sum reason, i think yo is slow and lacking FURY

i c yo fave section of da library iz da fiction sec