da shrimp'z crooked fingahz

haz anyone else notice dthis? in general his fingerz are always bent A LOT, ezpeciallyw he h eiz not playin with them they r completely curled up.

iz diz a bit abnormal? :lib:

I believe tis da russian skool to have uber-curved fingers when not playing wid dem. pozzibly?

ah, ic

pozzibly, Horowitz plays wif rather flat fingers, but his little pinky is always curled up when its not doing anything, Kissin is like that too… any technical benefit? Berezovsky doesnt seem to do that…

berezvosky has some of the most relaxed tech evah.

i talked to mah teacher about diz shrimp n she said

“hahaha fuuk, i haff seen it, watch him haff tendonitis in two yerz. Diz too bad, cauze he is waaaay bettah dan da :dong: tru. he wasnt lik diz back when he won da chopcomp eitha”
me "hahahha da :dong: "

Rudenko seem to hav too, some of the most relaxed technique, and some of the most gorgeous sound…

I haff nevah seen a rudenko vid.

da slit has zum legendary relaxed wrist action. hanjob pozzibly :dong:

:shrimp: “put tha money in mah hand beeyatch”


hahahah da tru queztion: doez he keep lik diz when he mazturbate

hahah da shripm caught masturbating


ahaha! That’s fucking wicked.

DAYUM who iz u n where haff u zeen da RUDY FINGAHZ in action? 8)

yes, because he fucks a pillow when he masturbates.

now, this is a serious ? I have pondered about A LOT…da dongah and shrimp r young guys, right? U know how young guys get bonahs bc of absolutely nothing, wut if they got a bonah, and it came time to stand up and bow to the audience…or if they were randomly walking on the stage and got a bonah./…how embarrassing would dat be??? lol

that would add to the excitement from the audience.

or they would stay seated and play 30 encores, until the boner goes down.

30 encores…lmao

its not going down!!! fuck!!! i need something FURIOUS to play so dat i dont concentrate on da bonah…AH HA!!! MUH MASTAHPIECE, DA CAMPY!!!..NAH, DIS AINT WORKING EIGHTER…how about thinking of some oda peniz’s sheeyat tech…MWAHAHAHAZHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA DA PADEREWSSKY!!!