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check da random reviews of diz legend:

I have grown quite fond of this remarkable performer. I’ve never heard more bravura or technical wizardry (he’s especially good with the pedals). Szekely is the most “aggressive” performer that I am aware of.

Falvay demonstrates an intelligence and sophistication in his style that is sometimes lacking in the thunderous and flashy playing of Szekely.

Szekely plays with great enunciation considering how fast he plays.

Lydian/Naxos, 1987 (digital) CD also includes all four Scherzi. Another aggressive, bravura performance. This is especially exciting for the Op. 38, with it’s torrents of angst. Szekely really shows his stuff with all of the technical mastery Chopin poured into these works. The playing is frankly much too fast for many, but if you like it fast and furious, this CD is for you. All performances are spectacular and thoughtful.

Lydian/Naxos, 1987 (digital) CD also includes all four Ballades. Perhaps this is where Szekely gets a little carried away. Performances are way too fast, almost absurdly so. However, his performance of my favorite, Op. 54, is wonderful, if very fast. The bulk of the Op.54 is fast yet lucid, and the slow part is played with great sensitivity masterful. This CD should not be your first introduction to the Scherzi. But if you are looking for the ultimate in “show-off” playing, this must be it.

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groups.google.co.nz/groups?q=sze … com&rnum=4