da Sl*w world takez da RUDY az a mirage

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tiz tru! da sl*w world iz so brainwashed dat when u confront it to SPEEEED da brain reject it az an unlikely mirage

I’d lyk to pay tribute to SDC agentz ZEPP n COMME fo deir special mizzion of infiltrating da PF, hiztorical headquarterz of da SL*W world, deir unobviouz aliaz vil be kept secret fo security reazonz :comme:

but da queztion iz
if SDC weapon of mazz deztruction lyk da RUDY dun work wut can we do againzt da sl*w world ?

put em in a microwave

tell them if they dun respec SPEED it meanz they iz ghey :dong:

we must brainwash dem systematically :comme:


They’re all slow. Give them some fucking Speed. 8)

ahahahaha, how? :stop:


they hav been introductin tha phenomena SPEED upon thoze unsuspectaz.

The Followin Topiks, I found subtlely yet efficitenly imposed da SDC mentality upon PFfuckaz.

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(notable speed examples were UNLEASHED on mofoz in this particular thread)

Speed’s not technique piazzo23 25 220 September 04, 2005, 06:26:25 PM
by jeremyjchilds

Randomly this last topic here had potential to change a few minds, and I felt it did to an extent, but to many fuckahz kept talking about emotionz. FUCK. :dong:

haha da invasion.