Da Slit

A penis wit a great tech iz akin to a chick wit a hot body: Da dilemma of how much to show & how much to conceal. While a beach bikini iz as far as most penises (incl. Dre) r willing to go, Da Slit is a legendary exception. Not only does she BARE ALL wit nonchalance, she maneuvahs her shapely ass rite into yo face fo maximum impact, while at da same time bravely accepting da risk of a random menstruation. 8)

It need not be said dat DAT, commands supreme RESPEC. 8)

hahahahaha, she just does dat cos she be horny dawg 8)


Ahahahah fuckkk da old :sunglasses: emotizheeyat make juvenile zexizm look lyk maliciouz mizogyny :whale: