Da Sock

His legendary live performance of da op25 chopets is an instant classic. Da 25/11 scale finish is da most shocking eva recorded. In fact, it is utterly ridiculous. some ppl can’t even do glissandos dat fast, man 8)

haha, dats da mofo over 20nps rite?

cud da reason possibly be dat he uses a fingerin secret?

i dont resort to dese tricks maself - but some mofos arent blesses wit ma raw fingerspeed - dey have to use da secret techs to finger debussy

dats rite


me curious.

he recorded da live op25 - u shud know dis mofo

yo mean the Gav ?

this legendary mofo shares the same first name with da ziff

hahaha not quite 8)

hahahaha, ic

I think it’s about 16-17 nps but dis iz FUCKIN BOTH HANDS TOGETHAH !!!

so in all… about 33 nps 8)

hahahahaaha, da doc plays fastah den dis in his KAN sonatine 3rd mvt 8)

To Comme: Dat iz not tru 8)

To Kmart: Da GAV reaches >16nps in da chop sonata2 finale, sustained fo 1 minute. And if da BEAR’z legendary 50sec rec iz found, dat would be close to fuckin 19nps.


I understand da enthusiasm of da zepp fo da gav
but I count only 74 bars of 12 notes in da chop sonata2 finale (cutting da last bar)
which means 14.8 nps fo da gav
and a 17,7 for a hypothetic BEAR

who iz the sock really then?

hahhaha, respec to da k mart fo da accurate analysis

and respec to da krittykunt fo stickin to da same shit

Hats off to the chairman for being an asshole.

BTW, whi iz he ?


hahaha, he is ******* fuck u

Hahahahaha DATZ RITE. RESPEC fo da correction. Da Zeppz memory haz evidently fucked up. Itz been a while since i calculated diz sheeyat (ie. da moment i got da rec) 8)

well, replace ‘ri’ with ‘y’

hahaha, wtf and respec