Da :ho: speaks on Piano comps

Da ho has a point, but da mainstream comp route is the only way most mofos can secure management

Times have changed.

What music is on his piano in this vid… is dat barb son or some shit?


Da winnah of da comp - LIPKIN.
I met him once, he subbed fo a random music seminar at Mannes.

My favorite Kaplinski lapdog

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Rezpek da zpecial inzight at 0.52 :sunglasses:

And 1.23 fuuuccckkk :slightly_smiling_face:


Truuuu! Da TM admires her colorful playing when I was in da J. When da Kapsheeyatzky rigged da Clitcomp in 2013 n Fei Fei got all day into da top 6 finals - I lost all ma admiration. Also, she did not age well and is not nearly as hot anymore.

As fo da Chopcomp 2010 - da Kennah was in da jury dat year n totally fine wiz her taking notes into da LH in diz zong?

I c.

“essentially rewrote the piece” mmmhmmmmm.

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Not when you’re a connected Kaplinski pupil. :sunglasses: Fei Fei won many internal invitation-only comps at da J.

I was not aware of half of those secretive comps :sunglasses:


If da TM tried a hand distribution like dat - one of da jury cucks would probably walk on stage n abort da Etude :sunglasses:

Da jury in 2010:

XVI (2010)(View source for List of jurors of the International Chopin Piano Competition - Wikipedia)

I don’t object her to doing that in any “normal” situation, including rectals, but surely in an arena as obsessive about ughzext etc as they appear to be, that’s practically DQ territory?!?!

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Yeah, that year was a pretty WTF chop comp year anyway.

Da 2011 pimp comp was sheeyat too

I had Jerry Rose as an official student so he could not vote fo moi. I played subpar anyway.

He managed to get a “best incentive blabla” prize for one of his off-the-books for one of his students.

N sum tru talent got eliminated in round 1:
Goran Filipec, Da Maltempo

Round 2 eliminated da KLINTON. (She wrote about da jury feedback session, dey told her to cover up her ugly arms, n she started crying - prompting da Demidenko to quip “she’s like ma ex wife”)
Da TM wisely did not attend da feedback session. I knew I played sub par.

Daim da Armadillo Cohen was in da jury dat year

Nevah heard of da GO TO, tbh.

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HAHAHAHA da ruthlezz cammofo

Catchin da D# cheat (both tymz) n da 4212 refingahrin den ALWAYZ CUT immediately aftah


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He was the best finalist dat year. When you have 3 finalists, not much of a choice.

He played a neat n tidy pimp conc 1, I heard da broadcast from NYC.

Kozlova had a :gav: rapist vibe to her playing and should have won. I remember her playing a crazy fast SS PIMP BIG MAC in da solo finals broadcast

A rec from another comp.

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Truuu, clazzic!