da STEVIE educatez - n PREACHZ

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the language they use is a dialect of english known as ‘MOFO’

the reason they use it is manifold, it is amusing on a base level, and on a deep level, it also is frequently added to and expanded and is always subject to evolution.

really, it is actually quite beautiful, and whilst to some it is a novelty, to others it is a badge of honour, to be a MOFO and to be proud is a wonderful sheeyat!

also, it is a filter, there are various people on this forum, namely - boliver allmon - who are implicitly ‘anti-MOFO’, these people are warned off by the language, they know they arent welcome, and they dont bother the community.
these individuals look upon the community from the outside with bewilderment, with ignorance, and often with harsh disdain.
however from the inside, these individuals are looked upon as entertainment, everything can be made to be found amusing in da SDC…

the subject of racial hatred frequently pops up there, and hilariously, it turns into a laughterfest.

the world we live in is so heavy, but the air we breathe is so light, members of da SDC are free, they are the air we breathe, they are the farts we sniff, and they are the apotheosis of erudition.

god bless da SDC :slight_smile:

hahahaha, wut a leghend



da comme unleashed

profound sheeyat


Nice, but da SDC really is gay. Come on folks, if you’re going to post pr0n, post it, don’t post gay shit. Unless you really are gay, which it makes me wonder if about half of you are.

Have you seen the Argriech 3rd shitzo vid though? SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT I’m watching it now. Go download it you unlegedary mofos.

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