da Stone's primo vid

[color=orange]WARNING: Dis vid iz a bit sheeyat. Under no conditions should you download it unless you got one of dem sick anal fetishes n enjoy seein sheeyat spread all ovah da fuckin place, cause dats wut diz vid iz all about, Sheeyat.

If you have come here to enjoy

a.) speed
b.) fury
c.) CG
d.) any of da above

be warned

mah sightreading of da 25/10

(diz iz mah first tym posting a site from dis source so if it doesnt work or i forgot to let it be dled enough tymes or some sheyat lyk dat, just say somethin)

s43.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0W9X … O7A12K7VZJ

sheeyat: 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
everything else: 8)


Respec! I iz randomly fooling around wit diz piece at the moment.

Anyway, I’m dl’ing this thing as I post, but I already know one thing; this isn’t the vid we have anticipated. Unless this thing turnz out to be 1’22, I won’t be imprezzed.

You know wut we wanna hear; you know wut you must post. You tease.


tru, i wuz just using diz as a test vid to see if i could upload it properly, so i just whipped out a book and played da first thing dat came to mind

n actually wid ma shitty rec equip i can only make 59 sec vidz, so ill either have limit myself to da 10/2 or figure jus make two vidz


Dat makes senze. I guezz I’ll just have to see what we got right here den.

Hahaha! Respecable accelerando And you wuz grazious enuff to provide a cadence. Datz moz appreciated.



respecable muzicality 8)

i guezz dat would go under da sheeyat column


Ew. Your octave speed is ruffly the same as mine. (never really tried with sight reading)

i can go fastah


and I can go even FAStaH 8)

actually it would be RESPECABLE to compare me to :doc: himself

hmmmm or would it ? :blush:



i seriouzly suggezt u quit da 88 RIGHT NOW az u haff abzolutely no talent wutsoevah…

predicktably 8)

explain yoself beeyatch

n make sure you can do it da next tyme youre able to keep a vid posted for more dan 2 dayz too


hahahaha, da typical ZEPP stylee

stone, remind yozelf juzt HU DA FUCK iz criticizin yo azz, watch hiz random sheeyatz, n den u shud feel betta, he haz a nut

wut happened to da other one?

did hiz boyfriend rip it off so dat he could feel lyk da man in da relationship?

iz says:
HAHAAHAH fuck you zepp

pozzibly evident says:

iz says:
i tried dl in da first one n it didnt work , im gonna try dlin da second one now

pozzibly evident says:
i had a homosexual dream last night about da zepp n it kinda freaked me out

iz says: me 2
k-nar says: me 3 :blush: