Da Super Mega Ultra Book of Etudes

Using an etude or 2 each from Chop, Pimp, Scrib, Rock, Dapussy, Liget, etc, if you had to make up the ultimate book of say 8-12 etudes to test a pianists ability, what would yo choose?

Mikey are you asking which etudes are the hardest? :wink:


Ahahahaha da XMOFO inztantly kill diz topic :sunglasses:



I’ll unkill it again then =)

Two of each to avoid obvious choices

Alkan: 39#1, 76#3
Chop: 10#2, 10#5
Debussy: chroms, RNs
Hamelin: Triple, Rossini
Ligeti: Warsaw, Vertige
Liszt: Feux F, Pag-4 1838 alt text :sunglasses:
Prok: 2,3
Rach: 33#5, 39#3
Scrib: 8#7, 65#1


Da PUZZETZ are a really underrated sheeyat, and really teach how to work da vulv. :orgy:

Yeh but in a cool, non 88ztreet way.
And has it not been settled 1000 times that the hardest chopet is 10/2?

Pandora: :sunglasses:


C’mon man.

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Oh, I read it as puzz…
Yes, they get very little attention around here.

I was comparing Haas and uchida the other day. Uchida won but Haas was very good in the 8 fingers.


Da vertigo et strangely absent. :zepp:

Can anyone think of a piece (worth playing) where that technique is used? Pozz sum zcarlatti?

God dis awfully sl*w, da WIMMOFO double beat sheeyat interp:

I meant everyone’s favourite mereaux etude. Nick name as per the sdc Rosetta stone.

Also, Wang is nearly a minute half faster. Wtf?

Da Godetz?
Also, da Stravet Op. 7/4 is a real testah. Love dat piece.

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I really can’t be arsed getting into the Godowsky. I’ve listened to a few and find them ok but not enough to sit through them.

Bartok op.18 are insane too.

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Godowsky are perhaps more fascinating to read through than to hear. His contrapuntal, technical and fingering-related innovations reveal exactly why he was worshiped so much by his contemporaries.

I find the Lyapunov set quite beautiful, too - and probably some of them belong to the “most difficult” category.


I really like them as music, but I don’t think the writing breaks any new ground pianistically.

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