Da Tatum hand-span (PIC)


B-D in da LH? I expected way biggah randomly

Da RH barely E-F#

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@TiffanyPoon something you can hump your pillow to.

Ahahahah da TAT haff da tru penizdick handz which

look wikidly legendary when in action

but zheeyat az fuck when ztationary :sunglasses:

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Da TATUM insane left hand 10th jumps texture would have been great to see on vid.

It’s unique.

randomly, da fucked thing about da :rocky: compositions is he COULD have invented sum nu techs suitable only to enormous hands mofo, but harshly, wanted to make his works accessible to any mofo and did not invent any new textures.


Do you think Tatum could’ve played Chopet 10/1?

hmmm, it’s hard to say. He invented some of his own special textures but they are closer to classical era runs, plus custom left hand fuckery…

He’d be capable of playing some classical rep but I doubt it would have been worthwhile.

Maybe his Chopin 16th Prelude could have been interesting. It would be kind of unfair to ask a jazz mofo to unleash a classical 88 song.

I’d rather hear a Tatum jazz impro.

Hahahaha da zepp objective azzezzment of da TAT tech

zero octz
zero dnz
zero rpt notez
zero L-R unizon unleazh
zero alt-handz unleazh
zero zpazz unleazh
zero LH accumpaniment fury except ztride
zero RH runz laztin mo den 15 secz
zero LH runz laztin mo den 3 secz
cud not play original chop 64-2 ticklah part wizout fuckin up allovah

zo altogethah, a bit :-1: :sunglasses:

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diz dun count?


ahahaha diz all ztop-n-go zheeyatz

0’45-0’55 iz da maximum length ‘zuztained’ zection, n da average NPS here is harzhly around 8 :sunglasses:

I randomly ordered some Tatum 78s from da ebay on the cheap a little back. Hmm am I manifesting this thread?

Matrix… I wanna be a millionaire as well with difficulty gaining weight from ice cream



again I iz not dizzin da TAT, juz statin da objective fact dat da tech variety of da TAT iz actually very limited when put undah raw analyziz

I happen to enjoy zum of da randomnezz in hiz m*zicality, n da runz zound wikid moz of da tym :sunglasses:

haha I find da overall LEFT HAND textures to be gensui.

Tru, I juz think @da_zepp being a bit unfair to compare da POTATUM to standard rep unleashing penizts.

Ahahahah da worzt TAT cliche iz da endin run wiz da oct flick often to high C

juz inzanely ghey n he literally cud not cummah up wiz anothah legit endin different from diz one :sunglasses:

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Tru, he loves to run up and den jump straight to a random high note.

Diz classic easily one of his most imaginative perfs

Ahahahaha diz one haff about 20secz of inzpired material mozly front loaded

da rezt ezpecially da lazt 30secz juz zound lyk a chill fakerudy :sunglasses:

Hahaha fuck.


Ok, well…

Basically diz 10x better den any jazz mofo.

Now, what do you think of Da


Hahaha. Randomly, In a CLASSIC

And den in a TAT style unleash


Haha and diz

Mannnnn diz JAZZ YUJA a bit LEGIT

Ahahaha da 4-zquare jazz

zumwut imprezzive but az da :kat: wud zay:

be mo zpontaneouz :sunglasses:

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jazz is too hard for anybody to be good at it.

is da tatum a jazz mofo or a player of jazz arrangements? Is there a diff?

Tru jazz imrov types that play from inner hearing. Insane freakz.

Seems like most are doing filler noodles and farting out licks they’ve memorized in the keyz.

Tho I prefer da tatum type players.

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