Da Tatum video footage


And then this:

That’s about it. Or is there more, somewhere?

Yeah, the networks apparently threw out a ton of tatum TV footage.
Is seems to be all that’s left.

Luckily, there are a fuckload of recordings

The second vid was the first youtube vid I ever saw (not sure if you’ve embed the original upload) in June 2006. There wasn’t much piano on YT at that time. I remember this video of this rank amateur chick struggling her way through the third movement of the Rach 2.

Tatum is amazing to watch. That ultra efficient tech.

You know this dude had an enormous uncut hog which he just lugged around from piano to piano.

He’s damn good.

Randomly, I don’t think any other jazz peniz came close to da Tatum warp zpeed, unless da MENACE n Ziff count as jazz mofoz 8)

That’s quite an undastatement, I think the guy was a genius!
I hope that more footage will show up. So fascinating to watch him play.

The most amazing part is how no one can play his stuff as well as him, even Yuja doesn’t come close.

The audio portion of many of his TV appearances on the Tonight Show survive but the film footage has been discarded, alas.

It’s like watching a postcard of the landscape - not the landscape itself.

Or, to use another analogy, it’s like you have this very tasteful greek wine and food somewhere in a beautiful place in Greece during your holiday. You bring some of the typical local wine and foods at home as a souvenir, to your grey city apartment in a big, busy, cold North-European city…you try it some week later, but it just doesn’t taste the same…

I actually feel there’s something missing in a mechanical sense.
Like somehow those trained in a classical technique can’t somehow match this technique that Tatum worked out for himself?
This is just the impression I get.

Tatum actually had a far more limited “bag if tricks” than the classical rep demands but since da techs were narrowed down, he was able to really make them absurdly effortless.

Also it helps to be able to take a 10th with ease when u gonna unleash 20 of those in a row in yo lefthand 8)

Tatum also got dat wikid swing dat clazzical penizts won’t match.

Listen to his Happy Feet or The Shout


Yes, “wikid swing” - that’s one of the secrets.

This insanity:


Zong ov da Vaginabotz

Happy Feet

Blue skies (pozz my fave Tatum rec)

1952 live tea for two

da CLIT zaid it bezt

zum really incomprehenzible zheeyat dat mah-bad-zelf dun even undahztand how he do:

he iz ideal fo da LIGETI ETUDEZ, da only mofo hoo haz a p, a pp, a ppp, a pppp, a ppppp, a pppppp, n a ppppppp

Yeah, that was one of the first Tatum recs I heard, couldn’t believe my ears. :astonished:

Da TATUM plays I wizh we wuz twinz