da tech of Volodos?

mah bad self wuz mighty impressed by da sheer tech of volodos(it LOOKS more impressive than hamelin). but foh sum reasons I think that I am beeing fooled :comme: da playing-random-chords-all-around keyboard-tech iz maybe not as difficult as it looks. and da volodos iz only a show off? pozzibly?

my quasi-evidence:
da jemboy can play da volodos stuff in one sitting, and mah bad self iz of course impressed. but when da jemboy iz playing da chop-gods he haff to edit it(just watch da videos on utube). da doc can play all of da chop gods with ease.

so wut do da sdc board haff to say on this mattah?

-da Meph :doc:

I’ve played his Mozart variations, he’s a real showman.

True. Volodos is a very good pianist. He has wicked tone color in his playing.

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IMO his playing is just too nice, but you’re right about his tone.

His transcriptions are just too much showmanship though, and he really sucks at playing Ho transcriptions and stuff.

Oh, and he has the coolest name ever.

Ah saw Volodos play Da Prok 2 n it woz lyk sum of da mozt wikid playin ah haz eveh witnezzed live. He’z lyk a fuckin demon, woz no need fo da condutor, as Volodos led da orchestra. Played two encores: one Balakirev tranzcription (ah think), den a Gaykovsky one. OTT pianizim.

His Prok 2 was very boring to me.

Where did you hear him play? Coz it woz amazing. n not juzt fingahs. He lyk keepz fifteen fuckin voicez goin all at once. Extremely big temperment.

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It was just boring to me, but I can’t say that his tech was not extremely impressive.

Well can be. A friend of mine heard Da Matsuev live n said it woz near flawless tech but seemed lyk he didn’t give a fuck about any interpretation. He played Da Pimp Totentanz n Da Strauzz Burlezque. btw Da Matsuev appeared pizzed n smelt of it too

volodoz iz one of mah afvorites. he has an incredible amount of control over the tone n such, he nevah “letz loose” and overdoez da rubato n random exprssion, dats why i admire him.

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His Rach 3 alone gives enough evidence that he has great tech

It’s not one of my favorite interps, but it’s impressive as hell.

He is damn good

Volodos - Der Muller und der Bach


Beautiful interpretation.

hahaha, n da VOL iz an alcoholic, datz y he haz no concertz zcheduled in da near future, he iz pozzibly in hozpital :whale:

Could you provide a source for that info?

anyone know what Volodos practiced for Tech?

or if he even practiced tech? scales, etc?

hahaha da DENIZ haff bettah tech, arguably :stop:

hahaha, 88 ztgreet poztz n rumourz, pluz da fact he haf no concertz zcheduled in da future n hazt recorded fo a while, hez chillin

hahaha da VOL canceled hiz concert diz year, pozzibly da alcohol factor 8)

but he randomly haff concertz scheduled dere fo 2007

he is an alcoholic, i believe my teacher told me this, and he knows a lot of shit.

I read somewhere that this accounts for his small up + running repitoire these days

da fact dat u uzed da jemboy’z vid as a standard of judgement has rid urself with all qualification and credential in ur statement altogether.

But da Voodoodick knowz how to work a piano (to attain da right sound), and the ‘musical quality’ control (for eg, phrasing, structure, layer and color) are superior to da doc.

Yet, da Doc haz da more natural approach to da keyboard, so it doesn’t APPEAR to be difficult. (For eg, in da book of da Hamelin and da 8, it’z claimed da da Doc makes DOn Juan looks easy. WHile most pianist thrived to make it look like as difficult as can be (:da Slit:))

Da Doc haz the tech equipment to play some of the most unnatural and bizzare composition that I think Voodoodick can’t even start to imagine to play. But da Voodoodick iz better in what he does.

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