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y not both cum out of a window says:
both da THRAC
tru says:
tru says:
y not both cum out of a window says:
n da fuckin MT haff got involvendf
y not both cum out of a window says:
tru says:
y not both cum out of a window says:
hahaha fuck
y not both cum out of a window says:
da MT unelashz not 1 pzot
y not both cum out of a window says:

respec da Thrac and MT! Seriously, the bible basherz on dat board annoy the fuck outta me. Da pianonut iz da most annoying person on da board even trumping da Janice.

This anology makes me feel sick: Christianity is a beautiful and flawless piece of music composed by God. Sometimes, the musicians attempting to play it hit a few wrong notes or play it off key. Some make such an awful noise that they cause their audience to run away from them, holding their ears. But every now and then, a musician who is practiced in their Christianity plays the music and it is glorious and wonderful and sweet. We shouldn’t fault the composer when unpracticed musicians play His composition; a composition should be judged when it is played by the best, not the worst.

Trumping da Janice? HARSH!

Hahahahaha Say what you want about the analogy’s reference, but I can appreciate the grey matter involved in it.

hahahaha, a trump in da UK meanz fart

u can imagine da fun we haff when watchin da APPRENTICE



To quote da legendary mofo Bartók. Who iz randomly one of mah new favourite compozahz:

In da Bible every mofo can read that da almighty God created man. dis is acctually wrong. Because it was men who created God!

da Bartok was one smart little mofo. Ands az and prowd atheist mah self I haff to say dat Bartók waz fuckin right.

-The Meph randomly thinkz that da Bartók waz da mozt furious composah of all time. :rectum: :smiling_imp:

Alzo alot of da chriztian mofoz really doesn\t know a fuckin shit about their religion.

Me on da other side iz an expert.

If ya wanna com to da heaven da only thing yo haff to do iz to belive in god, Jezuz and da holy spirit. IT IZ ONLY YA BELIVEZ NOT YOU ACTIONS wich da almighty son of a bitch cares about. even if ya kill a speed deaom God will let ya into da heavan . DIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. and all of da brainwashed chriztians should fuckin know dis.
In Izlam you haff to follow 5 important rulez. and da jews haff to do something I fuckin don\t remembah.

It oz hilariouz dat mozt christianz don`t know a fuckin shit about thei own fukcin stupid religion.

-da Meph who iz a fuckin atheizt knowz a lot moh dan da reall chriztian mofoz

to quote Bartók yet another taim: Because it was da fuckin men who vreated da fuckin God. :smiling_imp: