da TITBIT analyzzz 10 perfz of da GREIG concerto


da TITBIT statez da FACTz:
In fact, Yundi had played the third movement fastest among all the pianists that I have heard. His time is 8’45” while others took between 8’54”(Moiseiwitsh) to 10’ 53”(Zimerman).

den dizmizzz da authoritative interp:
Michelangeli sounded like marching soldier, don’t like it.

den randomly addrezzz da tech of a legend
Richter’s rubato is bad although his technique is rather good.

den bravely frownz upon da sl*wnezz
Kystien Zimerman is far too slow although he is also very expressive. You cannot play this piece too slow!

den randomly comparez da ZIFF to da SHRIMP, WTF?!?!?!
Geoges Cziffra played like Yundi, rubato good, even more emotional than Yundi. Third movement technique not that impressive compared with Yundi.

n den cumz to da inevitable concluzion:

There have been too much nonsense written about Yundi for the past few years.

DAYUM da unpredicktable GENSUI of da TITBIT!!!



Personally Andsnes is my favourite. He is MUCH better than any other foh this piece.

-The Mephisto

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da ZIFF remainz da FURY KING fo diz piece


(n btw I didn’t hear da othah 8) )

wutz da time of da ZIFFz mvmt3? 8)

az alwayz, da ziff givez a wikid interp n doeznt rape moizt

concluzion - YOFUCKYOZELF

we need to find da BARRIZTAHz legendary 20sec rec of diz 8)

predicktably sheeyat

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