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“I think Georges Cziffra was rather awkward from bar 74 onwards right till the end of bar 98 where he failed to bring out the climax of this piece. There was no power and no fire. If every pianist had played this piece this way, Liszt’s effort in writing this piece would had been wasted. I also don’t like the way he played bar 172, 178. He just played them according to what it’s marked there instead of hurrying those notes a bit. Yundi is very good in playing according to the mood of the music instead of just following the music score exactly. This is creativity. Unfortunately, some music critics had tried to kill Yundi’s creativity by complaining that Yundi did not follow the markings.”

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“Both had played quite fast with Yundi just about 15 seconds faster. I have heard another pianist Arnoldo Cohen playing this piece. He is too slow and had therefore lost the glamour of this piece.”


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