Da TM attempts da 10/2 - day 1: raw rape

Tru. Da 25-8 about to be REPLACED as my go-to Chop compet 8)

Day 1 chill-thru


TRU da middle zect iz a myzteriouz zheeyat in termz of difficulty

randomly da zepp remembah when i firzt played diz zheeeyat, i found da middle zect to be mo penizdick, pozz eaziah to pivot thru at variouz placez den da main zheeyat

n den aftah a few yrz, da main zheeyat becummah eaziah n da middle zect ztarted feelin inzanely awkward

now both zectz r PURE RAPE zo tiz a bit irrelevant 8)

1’32 HAHAHAHAHAH dat added note at da end of every zequence creatin a triplet rhythm

make diz a bettah zong inztantly


TRU dere r mofoz who uze da middle pedal to zuztain da E octave n den uze LH azzizt all da way thru on dat part 8)

Hahaha daim!!!


Daim, using da middle pedal in diz zong randomly… a wikid color move


Nevah really got past da zightrape ztage in diz chopet. Just fucking awkward.

It’s already better than da Zuber. 8)
But tru pozz ANY other etude would be a better alternative if you’re serious about dropping 25/8. :stop:

ahahaha randomly herez da ztory of how da zepp firzt came into contact wiz diz zong:

in zchool i had a cg clazzmate who alzo played da 88, n one day he told moi he juz ztarted workin on an inzanely hard zong:

da 2nd chopin etude 8)

da zepp wuz lyk DAIIIM i muz not lag behind diz mofo, zo i went home n inztantly ztarted praxin diz az well

a few monthz latah, I zeem to haff nailed down a pretty chill 1’30 RAPE-interp. zo i decided to challenge diz mofo 8)

we met at hiz place. i remembah da zepp told him to go firzt, nervouzly thinkin if diz mofo iz too gud i may haff to adjuzt ma interp on da zpot :stop: or zimply abort da challenge, pretend i forgot da zong n azk to play zum video gamez 8)

den diz mofo unleazhed

da 25/2 8)

Ahaha! But not in octz a la pimp!

ahahahahah back den da zepp cud maybe do

da fur elize in octz 8)

Hahaha I have a double note version of the first section of fur elise!

K545 famous bit in octz pozz?


WUZ diz ztill in Jew Zealand? 8)

Jew Zeppland, pozz da moz izolated firzt world country on da TM’s flatearth.

Da zeppland, datz a FRIEDRICE n BAR clazzic touring venue…

Tiz a legendary place!!!

I don’t disagree, especially since today is Anzac day.
They talk funny tho, like half our accent, half weird. :dong:

ahahah TRU dat epic tale took place in da joo zeppland, home of da zepp 8)

hahahahaha 8)

diz will be a key scene in da zepp biopic 8)

produced (and da premiere bootleged) by da mart 8)

Hahaha, but (though I know that some people disagree!) Opus 25/2 is not that easy either, to play it very lightly, well articulated (rezpecting da group of 3 notes) and lightning fast - try it on a modern grand with sluggish action…

Of course not! Frankly, to playing anything properly is a pain in da dick