Da TM golden age rampage continues

Dun blow ma covah.

Randomly, imagine I play da whole Weimar comp in diz ztyle!
Inztant no pazz? 8)

when arbiter release this ; ) ??


Diz harzhly da actual TM ztyle 8)

I like you better with the hiss. :lib:

hahaha very good, I like it!
This is how Gullivor should do his recs (if he could).
If you posted this in the dead pianists’ society fb group, I bet they’d prejack over it. 8)

Admittedly, this is a bit FUCKED, but I’m not claiming to be any specific historical pianist. 8)

Kind of a reverse hatto.

I went ahead and posted diz in random 78 rpm fetishist facebook groups.
Let them have a good wank to a gasp living comp penizt mofo :blush:

Yeah man.
It’s hard to play in a straightjacket approved comp style - I’m not allowed to explore and try various approaches and random effects.

Pozz I should stop doing comps and only play in diz ztyle? 8)

Someone blew ma cover and now I got $700 in donations to my pimp comp hedge fund, just today.

Wtf, how did they track my ass?
They are all mentioning the classicalrarities stunt


Dayum, sum mofo gayve u $500?!?
Gunna guess da iopa or trugod (back fo seconds).

You still in Miami? Lib secret recital July 7 there. bet it’ll be weird. maybe iopa intro you to Brodsky for some special “private” lessons / debut

Fuck !!!

He play complete chop gods in two profs there!!!

Just recorded. Petrushka fuck. In shape perf likely !!!

Play well!!! Regardless of competition or elsewhere. To my ears this is leaps and bounds better than anything you did in those Juilliard videos.

Bring your hiss machine to the Pimp Comp.

One humble suggeztion to da TM - methinks it’s much nicer to play a double trill in the main theme, as do da Hof, Godo, Ros, Rach etc. When you change your fingering in for example 24131312 (so playing the trill with 1-3), it’s not that difficult to do, and it gives a much more brilliant effect.


da GOLDENAGE vibe a necezzary ingredient to winnin da pimp comp 8)

Hahaha datz actually a valid zheeyat!
I play dat trill 3-4 btw.

I think to get a double trill - pozz da tempo in da intro can be slowah 8)

Hahaha zo bazically, I should hizz mahzelf while playin 8)
Truuu! One dude gave ma azz $500, n a random chick $200!!
Fuck fuck fuck!


Ok, basically, I should play in this style all da fuckin time AND walk out in a THONG on stage.
1mil hedgefund goal 8)

Yeah I noticed you did it with 3-4 but with 1-3 you can get a double one easily.
Anotha reazon iz that da :pimp: probably meant a differenze in execution between da two graze notez in da intro and da trillz later on.

da TM is da tru golden age throwback mofo he accuses everyone else of being. I mean, use it.

Haha, ok!

I will arpegiate da first octaves of op 111 AND play them with both hands 8)

And miss 8)