da TM rage vidz

tru, da zkep actually nevah zeen da psycho TM rant/rage vidz

i have it somewhere, but by respect to him, i wont post it. And ur not missing much, highlight being the GIF you alredy know about 8)

totally unrelated, but WHERE THE FUCK is DA COMME? Did he turn hiz back on da community ??? :frowning:


da comme randomly makin zum noize on da fuckin PIANOZTREET.

he iz eithah a traitor o iz plannin zum rathah pozt-modern CG :comme:

tru, rezpec 8)

altho fo mah-bad-zelf, da hilite iz him wiping up hiz zpit wiz da tissue. alzo, da 3rd wun zeemz mo zelf-aware.

comme iz on 88ztreet?

whut uzah name? :comme: :lib:

kindly take this down.


nah, i like it there. haha, these never get old.





sum_{i=1}/{50} FUCK_i



these old vids are fucking hilarious. God damn. AHAHA, fuck.

(mah neighbors will start knocking now, haff to turn da fucking volume down).


ahaha dese vidz

hahah part of da sdc legacy :blush:

sdc’s legendary legacy.

dayum i laughd

hahahaha man juz watchd theze fo tha firzt tym in a whil

completely forgot about tha canadain zong :dong: :dong: :dong:

legendary :tm:


tiz a Hungarian tune

da hungarianz would be proud and not offended at all