Da TM raw rape Pimp 1 (bar tribute)

N a brief message to da LEECH on diz forum :sunglasses:

I came back from a sightfucking gig n did a COLD UNLEASH.
Diz mofo, I have not played since January 2010.

Gotta clear up that small memory discrepancy towards da end - now I check da score n remembah - it wuz a C in da right hand downbeat both tyms.

:bar: tribute tru

In light ov da current SDC MOLE situation, I will only host ma vids on da GRIZHA YT accunt

This significantly better than the genie and it didn’t look like you were sitting on a cactus when you played it!

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Haha holy shit…

Well, hopefully da TM refined version (non cold unleash) cummah eventually.
And tru, tho on my bio I played diz wiz orch a bunch of times, actually da total number of orch perfs cummah:

:sunglasses: zero tru.

Da detroit symph cummah diz year to ma school to pick a soloist fo da pimp 1, randomly I’m not eligible because my courseload is not “full time”. Bullshit! I would have enjoyed at least having a high stakes 2 piano unleash of diz, oh well…

Ma prof told moi I is welcum to accompany da auditions :sunglasses:
I set da fee at $70 per hour, no takers thus far… no way I’m doing this fo less, n technically, my courseload IS full-time, he juz dun want moi to interfere with da politics?

I won’t argue wiz him because I still need to graduate n he might come in handy if da tea chick decides to file fo sexual harassment.

I don’t know man, with this “Google apps” system nothing seems really private anymore, everything linked. Google LLC has become way to powerful. :thinking:

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Well, true…

Perhaps I need to look into another vid hosting service fo ma private unlisted vids.

Or dun talk on cam n jus play?

Or pozz password protect da tube links on diz forum… wiz da tube “private vid” feature.

Tho, dat looks like I’m jacking off on cam fo money

Yes something like that.
Also, perhaps it’s better to not “allow embedding”.
(YouTube video --> Advanced settings --> Distribution options)

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Hmmm… ok!

fuckkkkkkkkkkkk i vil watch diz GENSUI durin

dinnah tym, which cummah

now :sunglasses:

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N tru, I reviewed da notes of diz on a DIGI, late nite diz week.
I can kinda unleash it but now da real work begins.


mannnnn da age iz 16 in moz countriez, pozz :sunglasses:


fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk dat 6thz apart zcale juz fuckin legendary!!!

daiiiiiiiim diz conc perf expert tipz, fuckkkkkk da zepp vil learn from diz TRUMOFO maztahclazz in caze zum local orch call up ma azz one day :sunglasses:

HAHAHAHAH da inztant zcale-unleazh lezzon!!! TRU da thumb lyn-up a legendary move, almoz makez it feel lyk u iz unleazhin OCTZ wiz zum grace notez :sunglasses:

ahahaha wtf da YUJA az a no-fuckup example, tru check her PIMPZON vid final FURY zect :sunglasses:

HAHAHAHAH da CHEATAH denouncement!!! truuuuuu diz top trill pluz thumb note a clazzic PIMP home-trainin excercize dat he bringz into all hiz zongz fo no gud m*zical reazon :sunglasses:


daiiiiiim 90% of da GENSUI of diz conc iz in da 2nd half tru :sunglasses:

HAHAHAHAHA da PAIR verbal fuckup :sunglasses:

ahahahah dat clazzic double oct leapin part bazically a 5sec KAN PREUX coda preview :sunglasses:

ahahahaha da BRA vs PIMP zound, tru da BRA raw trem iz hardah but da ALT ZPAZZ iz da TRU PIMP zound :sunglasses:



juz lyk da TOT :sunglasses:

AHAHAHAHAH da ztart dat zcale zoonah tip, a bit cuntroverzial :sunglasses:

AHAHAHAHAHAH FUCKKKKKKK zo bazically diz a top10 conc when played wizout ORCH, n lyk diz

REZPEC da fuckin TRUMOFO :sunglasses:


Dat 3-5 trill randomly only perfed as written by da :bar:

Alzo, da full concert attire iz from ma sightfucking gig today

Earned $50 :sunglasses:
Played around 5 mins total but it took moi a solid hour to get there and another hour to get back.

N dat suit? Now in a donation bin, sweated thru too many informal perfs in diz one!
Plus I iz too fat fo it now :tm:

N tru, dun quote moi on “pair ov cocks”

Lezz den 1% of mofoz haff tiz

Epic unleazh! Memory holding up well under the circumstances. Hilitez for me were the 6ths scale (totally agree with the cover up tip btw, dat’z exactly my approach too) and “which is a man”.
Urgent tranzvestigation needed :wang:

Pozz she / he / it is in the 1% :wink:

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Well, she plays with a startling accuracy and cuntrol

I’d do her/him