Da TM unleazh 3 de puzzy preludez wiz commentaire



INTERNAL MONOLOGUE ZTYLEE :comme: 8) :comme: 8)

diz inzane mental torcha dat u iz pozz inflictin on yozelf on purpoze fuckkkkkkkkkkk :gav:

HAHAHAHAH da LOLITA ZAGA iz givin u a random NEURODICK 88 ZTYLEE on top of da uzual TRUMOFO INZANE TECH

makin u a pefect PENIZT

fo DE PUZZY :sunglasses:

HAHAHAHA da lazt lyn ic 8)

The playing and interps here are just flat out excellent.

I literally lol’d at ‘next time you disappear, let me know’.

Good playing though, emotional turmoil is good for you (for this at any rate).

Truuu, I need to start practicing dese next 7 weeks… like it is Da END ov da world.

If I could do my best in da comp, pozz I can help diz chick get a worthless American degree in singing.

Honestly dude, I think she’s about as likely to disobey her father as you are yours. Anyway, what do you care if she ends up in NYC studying business instead of singing?

I need her to cum to NYC at least for a few days, soon!

Damn damn damn.

I will go work on da rest of my polizh nympho rectal program.

Daim. Good playing and it has a bit of venom about it too. The commentary :smiley: :smiley: